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Our payout cycles ensures that you have lesser risks on refunds or replacement
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We refer roles which are best suited to your strengths; a built in ATS helps you to manage your work flow efficiently
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The cost is comparatively low and helps you save significantly while hiring for scale
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You work on One Single Contract which saves you time on operational hassles
60 days Guarantee
60 days guarantee with Cash-refund
Finance Education & Tutoring Economics Business Administration Management Sales
$1000 - 2000 | Ha Noi | Total vacancies : 1
Reward 1,261 $/Candidate
Customer Care CRM Business Analyst Sales Sales
$1000 - 2000 | Ha Noi | Total vacancies : 1
Reward 1,522 $/Candidate
$1000 - 2000 | Ha Noi | Total vacancies : 1
Reward 10,870 $/Candidate
Embedded Software Linux Microcontroller Software Development
$1000 - 2000 | Ha Noi | Total vacancies : 1
Reward 2,174 $/Candidate
Elixir NodeJS Java Backend Developer
$1000 - 2000 | Ha Noi | Total vacancies : 1
Reward 1,957 $/Candidate
RESTful API Git MVC Team Leader Mobile App Development Mobile Developer
$1000 - 2000 | Ha Noi | Total vacancies : 1
Reward 2,174 $/Candidate
There is no limit on how many referrals you can make. If you feel that several people are qualified for a posted job, you can refer all of them and will be rewarded for each hired candidate.
When you refer a candidate, they will receive an email that tells them about the referral and requires their verification of acceptance. They are eligible to select just one and only referrer who will be rewarded on successful hire.
Once the candidate click “Accept” the referral, other referrers will not be able to submit that candidate. When they try to do that, the system will notify that this candidate was referred by another referrer.
All information between the Employer and the Referrer should take place on Recruitery platform. Each side needs to update the recruitment status on the system which will send email notifications to the other one. In addition, the referrer needs to follow up closely with the candidate throughout the hiring process.
In addition to receiving updates on the system from the Employer, it is necessary that the Referrer keeps in touch with the candidate to track the current status. If the Referrer detects any inappropriate actions, please send a notice to Recruitery for investigation and verification.
Based on the information provided by the Referrer and the Company, Recruitery will verify the information. If the candidate is rejected and then re-hired within 12 months, Recruitery will claim the bonus from the Company to reward the Referrer.
When you refer a candidate successfully (that means, the candidate accepts to work for the Company), you will receive the referral bonus in 3 stages:
  • 25% Referral Bonus will be paid after the Candidate finishes first 15 days.
  • 25% Referral Bonus will be paid after the Candidate finishes first 15 days.
  • 50% Referral bonus after the Company signs an official contract with the candidate.
Recruitery will compile your income statement and pay it on the 5th and 20th of every month. The payment amount will be the sum of your successful transactions from the reporting date back to the previous "summary date". The actual amount received will be deducted 10% of the PIT (Personal Income Tax).