How to attract and retain senior human resources?

In recent years, the shortage of senior human resources is increasingly serious, making businesses in Vietnam face the "fight" extremely fierce recruitment.  So, businesses need to prepare a recruitment strategy to attract and retain human resources worth "precious as gold"?

The secret to the victory in recruiting senior personnel

1. Exactly zoning

Due to the requirements as well as the nature of the work, the recruitment of senior personnel needs to be selected search scope, repertoires. Some of the following suggestions will help the recruitment of senior personnel of your business are significantly shortened:

- Give the correct aspirations of the business to avoid the disappointment of the two parties after completing the recruitment process. use.

- Need to ensure adequate and long-term commitments on policies for employees in the company's ability to meet.

- Choosing candidates who are interested in developing their skills rather than paying attention to their positions or money.

- Appreciate the candidates to learn carefully about the company, the working position, and the corporate culture.

2. Use appropriate recruitment tools and channels

LinkedIn can be considered the most popular and quality social networking social network for searching and maintaining relationships with management candidates. In addition, businesses can also "rely on" specialized units "hunting" senior personnel to reach this candidate. However, to ensure that the recruitment is implemented in the right direction and does not be prolonged follow and require regular reports.

3. Introduction through relationships

From the introduction of employees who are working at your business, personnel who have quit your job, or the candidates you have approached, ... you will probably be able to Find the personnel that you need. This is considered one of the qualities and wise approach. Take advantage of this method to get quality candidates without spending too much time searching.

4. Process of recruiting, professional

If the business considers the level of candidates to find the most appropriate person, the candidate also has assessments about the business during the recruitment process. A clear, transparent, two-way recruiting process is important to attract candidates for senior human resources. For the recruitment to be professional, saving time and nurturing good relationships with candidates and businesses can also take advantage of technology. Modern technology not only helps corporate governance comprehensively, automating the entire recruitment process, and analyzes the efficiency of the recruitment sources so that it can adjust the recruitment strategy more appropriately.

5. Prove the strength of the business

For candidates belonging to senior personnel, remuneration, and salary is only part of the work, what they care about is the orientation of their career development and the opportunity to develop in the future. When "join" for you.

Candidates for high-ranking human resources have quite a lot of experienced and professional knowledge to assess any information that the business provides, so it is very important to make a good impression from the beginning.

Take time to talk directly to introduce your location, business orientation, and corporate culture and offer their development opportunities when working at your business. But before that, businesses need to understand their strengths and positions in the market. This will make candidates have a certain trust in what businesses are showing.

6. Building recruitment brands

Almost all employees want to be members of large, branded businesses in the market. Who does not want to write on their profile names of banks and large businesses of Vietnam such as Vietcombank and Vinamilk? If your business is young, please pay attention to building a recruiting brand right now. That means not only offering competitive salaries and benefits but proving that your business will always be the best place for senior candidates. Expressed by advanced working environment, effective ways to manage, professional development, work recognition, respect for customers, ...

7. Demonstrate a steadfast and respectful attitude

Senior personnel is a group of people who are often very careful and spend a lot of time reviewing before deciding on your business offer. Therefore, make a suggestion about the work that meets your personal needs and ambitions for your career, and of course, this proposal must consider the common ground of the market and be competitive. High so they can hardly refuse.

Besides, the need for respect is also a factor that needs to be cared for in this group of objects, during the recruitment process, give offers to show respect for the candidate, and do not forget to show them how you and the company value them.

8. Building and nurturing potential candidates

The process of recruiting senior personnel usually takes a lot of time, and usually can last from 60 to 90 days, with some specific areas, this time can be longer due to human resource scarcity.

Therefore, to minimize disturbance and affect the development, businesses should actively build a potential candidate system. This means that businesses always have to keep their relationship with potential candidates and always plan alternatives to senior personnel positions, even when these people are still incumbent.

Potential candidates may include corporate employees and external candidates. For internal candidates, businesses need to select qualified and continuous training plans.

Derek Boman, CEO of Discount Enterprises LLC said that this approach ensures that personnel does not take time to adapt to the working environment as well as the company's culture. On the other hand, for outside candidates, all you need to do is constantly expand relationships and maintain good interaction with them.

Sum up

The search and recruitment of senior personnel positions greatly affect the operation and management process of the entire business. These positions are the ones who directly manage and provide the company's policies in the present and the future. Therefore, the recruitment of senior personnel positions should be given priority and play a very important role. With the application of the above professional recruitment strategies, hope that your business will attract top future leaders!


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