Revealing the "secret" of IT recruitment

In today's digital age, information technology is said to be one of the "hottest" industries of all time. The development of the IT industry also comes with more criteria when recruiting IT personnel. Let's learn more about IT recruitment with Recruitery!

What do you know about the information technology (IT) industry?

Information technology is a branch of engineering that uses computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and collect information believe. However, this industry is also known as one of the professions that "hold the future" because the current digital age needs people who specialize in information technology to handle professional problems.


By being in charge of the use of computers and computer software, IT specialists are responsible for maintaining the operation of computer systems and networks, ensuring that they are always in optimal condition. best. In addition, they provide technical support and guide personnel in the organization in basic skills to be able to run and use computer programs and IT infrastructure safely and effectively.

In addition, in Vietnam, when calling "IT people", people will assume that they are programmers who have a wide understanding of digital. They are an important human resource to develop the future, develop human intelligence that IT recruiters need to look for!

Recruiting IT human resources - one of today's challenges

To develop the scientific and technical level of our country in the future, the human resources of the IT industry must reach a certain academic level. Then, they can handle all situations that arise. At the same time, rubbing in a specialized environment will make each IT human resource development. For that reason, the recruitment process of IT human resources needs to be strictly controlled and selective!



According to Indeed's recent survey, approximately 9 out of 10 respondents (86%) said that they face a lot of difficulties in recruiting excellent individuals in the IT field.

Almost all of the reasons are for qualified IT human resources that seem to be less than the need for IT recruitment. This shortage is even more terrible than you can imagine!

What to do to meet IT recruitment requirements?

Each profession has its requirements and standards to fully assess the skills and knowledge of the candidate. For example, to apply for a doctorate, you need a degree and a lot of experience to refine, to apply for an assistant, you need to be fluent in many fields and be able to do many jobs at the same time, ... IT industry is no exception! Here are some basic requirements that Recruitery believes that if you want to firmly grasp the "eyes" of IT recruiters, meeting the following criteria is an advantage!

Currently, many universities and colleges are teaching IT majors. These degrees can partly prove your strength and acumen in the IT field! However, the IT industry does not focus on degrees, but on skills. The most important thing for IT staff when applying for a job is to show employers what you have achieved and what you can do!

“Gathering” knowledge about technology
Understanding technology in each field is the key to opening more doors for IT learners because nowadays, technology products and applications seem to be extremely popular around the world. So once you have an expert view of the field, you will certainly be able to understand the work and combine technologies effectively.

However, a basic knowledge of networking is the foundation no matter what field you work in. Therefore, before self-development in any aspect, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the network, the Internet, information networks, ...


Learning with practice

Although it is called information technology, the balance between theory and practice is an extremely strict "standard"! As an IT employee, practice is very important because the work is always a reality, not a theory in a book. A lot of practice will help you become more proficient and flexible in handling work. Besides, it also helps you learn and memorize faster than dry pages.

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