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13th month salary
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About US

Blockchain technology continues to dominate headlines, NFTs and especially their recent valuations, are of increasing interest. However, the average consumer doesn’t understand what blockchain is, what an NFT is or why they matter, let alone how the technology behind it works.‌

Given that backdrop, SIPHΞR was born to embrace blockchain technology to tackle the NFT space. we will make blockchain technology accessible to the average consumer through four main pillars:‌

  • Entertainment and Game creation that leverage blockchain’s unique applications
  • An approachable, consumer-facing oriented approach based on a genuine passion for blockchain technology and seamless user experience
  • An open and education friendly platform inclusive to users of all levels of technical knowledge
  • A sustainable revenue-based model based on sound financial foundations

What are we building now?

We're building our very first game and expect to have unprecedented user activity upon launch.

The game will have two modes:

Idle Adventure Mode + Metaverse

Think AFK Arena, Magnum Quest. Our target is the crypto-native player who likes to be tactical, strategic, likes story telling and great art but are time-constraint

4 man raids and social hub for players interactions.

Casual MOBA Mode

With planned gameplay mode for 3v3, PvE,

Blockchain Integration

Our philosophy is based on the premise of blockchain, decentralization and true ownership of in-game player owned assets. Therefore, all the games that we build shall be integrated tightly with distributed ledger technology.

Read our Gitbook: https://app.gitbook.com/@sipher/s/sipher-atlas/

Visit us: https://sipher.xyz/

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/sipherxyz

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Principal/Expert Unreal Engineer

Unreal Software C++ Game Development Algorithm Game

Negotiable | Hanoi, Da Nang, Remote, Ho Chi Minh

Reward $2,174/Candidate