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Country Director

CEO Entrepreneurship Leadership Strategic Planning Branding Problem Solving

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13th month salary
Modern and energetic working environment
Work-from-home policy

Job Overview And Responsibility

Corporate Strategy (Vision, Strategy, Resource “HR, Financial” allocation) - Drive the company to achieve the company’s vision (long term and Y2030) via solid annual milestones - Develop business strategy, including market analysis, expansion plan, people development, system development, technology development, financial planning etc… short, middle to long term (5 years,3 years and coming this year) and get alignment with the Board on that plan, and execute the plan - Execute investment decision in line with the company strategy, as aligned with the Board of Directors. - Consistently deliver high quality of Wow experience through deep understanding of restaurant operation with strong customer centric mind-set Organizational Alignment (Talent/Culture/Organizational Design) - Develop and periodically review Company’s Organization Chart to ensure its functionality is well designed, optimized and aligned with business strategy - Build and lead a leadership team for the company to achieve its targets, milestones and vision. The CD acts as the main connecting link between various departments of the Company for those departments to work together effectively to achieve the Company’s targets, milestones and vision. - Re-allocate or find the right person in the right position for the senior leadership teamorganization, getting rid of the wrong ones, all before addressing business tactics. - Modeling of core values and behaviors to build strong company culture and ensure such core values and behaviors are properly communicated to, understood by and lived by business partners. The CD is the role model for the Core Values. - Inspire and motivate the partners by communicating clearly and effectively the Company’s vision and mission - Level 5 Leadership (Personal Humility and Professional Will) Team and Process (Teamwork/Decision Making/Management Process) - Develop & operate the organization which has a strong culture rooted by the company‘s vision, mission and core values, thus all of our partners are empowered & natural motivation to deliver Wow experience to guests and peers. - Ensure that the right procedures, policies, and systems are in place and are properly followed and/or compiled by the partners - Ensure regulatory compliance with applicable law. - Actively hold all business partners, especially the senior partners in leadership team, accountable to deliver the results - Build trust relationship with senior leadership team partners - Manage the key department programs with maximizing partner’s capabilities - Ensure there are no bottleneck and there are succession plans for all key senior positions Board Engagement (Effectiveness/Relationship/Capability) - Maximize to utilize the BOD, and hold Board of Directors accountable to perform their duties - Communicate in a timely manner any important business risks External Stakeholders (Social purpose/Interaction/Moments of truth) - Build relationships with outside stakeholders, to maintain the outcomes to the stakeholders (in relation to the vision, keeping the vision in existence)

Required Skills and Experience

Requirement: - CEO/COO/Country Manager of a purpose-driven and a fast-growing business - Have experience in fine dining, casual dining restaurant chain, or high quality hospitality service - Have the experience to develop Corporate Strategy (Vision, Strategy, Resource “HR, Financial” allocation) - Have experience in Organizational Alignment (Talent/Culture/Organizational Design) with previous organization. - Have experience of develop Team and Process (Teamwork/Decision Making/Management Process) Must have: - Commitment to the Vision/ Mission of 4P’s; - Entrepreneurship mindset (lead by example, own the responsibility); - Understanding of brand positioning and brand strategy; - Kaizen/ problem solver (identify critical issues and bottle-neck and how to solve); - Business sense (commercial mindset to sense the potential opportunities in the market and allocate resources to the right opportunities at the right time); - People-centric leadership (commitment to developing people/ communication/ positive mindset that help people to maximize their full potential) - Passion for Food Industry - Keen to learn food culture scene, - Interest in architecture, Creative and/or art

Why Candidate should apply this position

Join us and discover what it means to work for a purpose-driven company that puts priorities on innovation, sustainability, people's happiness, and making a positive impact on the community. - Phone allowance 300k - 13th-month salary - Annual leave: 22 days - Private Insurance for self (PTI) and 2 qualified dependants - Grab personal (2mil/month - Product Discount (50%) - Expat benefit (Home travel benefit 20mil/year) - Relocation Package (for expat): Support one way flight tickets to HCM - Performance review (salary review): first review on 1/1/2024, Depends on each year's performance