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Lead Brand Designer (Toronto/Remote)

Designer Prototyping Methods Creativity Communications Leadership Skills Branding Visual Design Teamwork Designer

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Up to $7,500
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Remote, Toronto
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1 persons


Extra health insurance Extra health insurance
Laptop/desktop for works Laptop/desktop for works
Travel/company trips Travel/company trips
Flexible working time Flexible working time
Work-from-home policy Work-from-home policy

Job Overview And Responsibility

About Airfoil Airfoil is a collective of designers, engineers, and artists helping cutting-edge products in crypto, the creator economy, and future of work take flight. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve worked with 80+ teams to bring their products to market, including Solana Labs, Drift Protocol, Layer3.xyz, Playhouse, Highbeam, and more. As we increase our involvement in the web3 space and prepare to launch our own product offerings, we’re rapidly growing our Singapore-based (but remote friendly) design team. As a fast-growing startup, working at Airfoil is both exciting and sometimes challenging. Exciting: - We’ve helped some of the fastest-growing players in web3 get off the ground, and your work will have tremendous impact here. Products incubated and shipped at Airfoil can be seen by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, within months of launch. - We’re growing quickly, and joining Airfoil at this stage allows you to build something truly lasting, as well as “getting in at the ground floor” of web3. - We favor teammates who are collaborative > competitive, interested in learning and sharing what they learn, and truly love their craft. Challenging: - Many of the projects we build are zero-to-one — meaning there’s sometimes not a clear guidebook on how to build the solutions we want to build. - We’re rapidly scaling our team, and keeping company culture close-knit while increasing headcount is a challenge. About this role Designers at Airfoil work either on internal products (Cheque, Mira, Flow) or on our partners’ products, typically in 4-6 month cycles (allowing you to contribute to various products across web3). We welcome candidates either in-person in Singapore or remote. RESPONSIBILITIES - Lead projects for the brand team and own client communication - Mentor and guide fellow team members - Define and create a visual language as an extension of the brand (illustrations, icons, colors, typography, animations, etc.) and own all aspect of brand design for projects - Collaborate with UX designers to create and maintain a cohesive and consistent brand experience between Marketing and Product. - Continually iterate on concepts in an effort to make the brand relevant and relatable to our audience(s).

Required Skills and Experience

- A portfolio showcasing brand and visual design work with a strong design sensibility - At least 5 years of experience in Brand designing - Effectively communicate conceptual ideas and design rationale. - Engage in constructive design critiques. - Able to work independently, prioritize accordingly, and iterate quickly. - Strong communication skills without a fear of over communication. - Ability to prototype in your tool of choice (Figma, Illustrator, etc) - Self-motivated, able to work independently but also collaborative and driven by group critique

Why Candidate should apply this position

At Airfoil, we believe that your time with us should be helpful to us and to you, and we see your experience here as an opportunity to further your learning and growth as a designer. For these reasons, we will support you in several ways: - Thorough design critiques and support from our team. Through your work with us, we will collaborate actively with you, offer feedback on your work, and relay feedback from our clients. We will help you develop your skills both in terms of user experience/design thinking and aesthetic quality. - Access to learning resources and projects. In addition to client work, we will occasionally host ‘design jam’ sessions via video call to support you in your growth as a designer. - Cross-border experience and training from tech company founders. Our team is led by Silicon Valley tech company founders hailing from the USA and Korea, and while working with early-stage companies our team will be there for you to assist and advise. At Airfoil, we are committed to building a safe environment where you will be supported through your professional and personal growth. We are designers second and people first. Compensation and Benefits We aim to provide highly competitive compensation for our industry, with benefits that help our employees focus on their work while maintaining a proper work-life balance. We offer reimbursements for the following: - Healthcare ($250/month) - Mental Health ($100/month) - Gym ($50/month) - Internet ($100/month) - Co-Working ($300/month) - Learning ($20/month) - Equipment ($200/month up to $2k) - Travel ($2500/year - after your one year anniversary) - Unlimited PTO (minimum 14 days/yr)

Job Q&A

Style: Hyper modern pls give samples

Hi recruiter, please check out this sample of hyper modern design: https://dribbble.com/tags/hyper-modern

Is any country acceptable?

Yes. Generally UK, US, Canada is preferred, but we're in 16 countries now.