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Job Overview And Responsibility

OpenAir Malaysia (website: https://my.openair.mobi/) is the development of a smart transport-logistics system named OpenAir in Malaysia with clean-fuel vehicles to deliver autonomous and contactless cargo delivery by drone, robot and autonomous truck, public transit services and eVTOL air-taxi across Malaysia. This system helps businesses and consumers to enjoy a safer, faster and cheaper delivery of goods and move of people. OpenAir Malaysia is developed and managed by OpenAir Malaysia (Abbreviated: “The Company”). Our mission is dedicated to building a green, digital and sustainable transport-logistics service system in Malaysia to become carbon neutral in 2050, and one day, carbon negative. More information about OpenAir Malaysia: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d6N6URfQH1LwbQ5irmpRiZFbdIQuOQrw The Company is now looking to realize its mission by onboarding a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who, after the launch of the first city in Malaysia, will be given full responsibility for further developing the OpenAir system, both by expanding to new cities in the region and by optimizing the performance of the first cities. This position is based in our offices in Singapore. The responsibilities You have full power of the Company’s CEO and you will report to the chairman of the Company’s Board of Director. On detailed responsibilities of CEO, see step 1 of the recruitment process below. The biggest challenge in this role is very clear: we want to grow very fast. And you will tell us with a clear vision and strategy how we will make that happen.

Required Skills and Experience

- Good at Speaking-Listening-Writing English - Age from 26 to 40 - Graduated (on-site study only) in business management or technology from colleges or universities in US, UK, North and Western Europe countries, South Korea, Singapore, Australia is a must - Have a sound understanding of the local social and business environment. - A minimum of 3 years’ experience in leading a team of local professionals, ideally in a scale up or similar requirement - You are a passionate people manager who gets people involved in your story and strategy - B.A/B.S in relevant fields preferred - You have a passion for innovation and a great understanding of the changing mobility and logistics landscape - Demonstrable leadership experience within a growing organization - You are familiar with different cultures and have previously worked or study abroad - You are a data-driven 'do-er' - Strong stakeholder management skills, within different areas of expertise - You have demonstrable experience in managing a P&L - You are a result-driven leader who gets everyone involved in his or her strategy plans - You are able to convert strategic plans into concrete to do's - An understanding of tech marketplaces (real-time) with a focus on supply and demand - An clear understanding of the Malaysia culture - Experience in the transport-logistics industry, especially in Advanced Transport-logistics sector (drone, delivery robot, vertiport, etc) particularly. They must update and learn “niche knowledge” very quickly to be able to lead OpenAir Malaysia company in working with our very professional counterparts like Skyports, Urban-Air Port, JLL representing by typical persons (let’s named “A Class”)

Why Candidate should apply this position

- The opportunity to grow with us in the coming years - Flexibility to make sure your work/life is in balance - The first term of CEO: two (02) years - Entire bonus of the CEO is from the ESOP pool. - ESOP pool (fully diluted): 10% for employee - Sign-in incentive: 1%, vesting after one year - Annual review