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Senior Backend Engineer


Backend Developer Enginering Git Golang RESTful API SQL Ruby on Rails

Icon Location Location
Ho Chi Minh
Icon Vacancies Vacancies
5 persons


Performance bonus Performance bonus
Salary review Salary review
Performance review twice per year
Others Others
- 18 annual leave - 14 sick leave
Full social insurance Full social insurance
and union benefits included
Flexible working time Flexible working time

Job Overview And Responsibility

About Fazz Fazz is an ecosystem of financial services that comprise Fazz (business account for Southeast Asia), StraitsX (payments infrastructure for digital assets), and Modal Rakyat (mutual cooperation funding for MSMEs) founded in 2016, as a result of a merger between PayFazz and Xfers, two Y Combinator alumni based in Southeast Asia. Fazz provides business accounts that offer seamless payment, savings and credit functionalities, giving businesses equal opportunity to build, run, and grow. We cater to the warung and MSME in Indonesia under the brand Fazz Agen, and fast-growing startups and SMEs in Singapore and Indonesia under the brand Fazz Business. Fazz’s mission is to make the future of finances accessible for every single business in Southeast Asia, where many MSMEs and the population are still underserved. Head to our website to get to know us better: https://fazz.com/ About the Team You will be contributing to a new product launch that would unite various business units and internal core systems that would be the lifeblood and primary focus of our entire organization in the years ahead. We are really excited about the possibilities of changing the way payments and business banking are done, and with our unique proprietary model, we are able to derive innovative unit economics which no other competitors are able to replicate. About the Role This is a role with a lot of opportunity for impact. We are looking to scale our engineering team from scratch in various countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and many more. As the team is rapidly expanding in scope and size, you would be entrusted with many opportunities to coach and to mentor your team. This is a great learning opportunity for you in helping others to be a better version of themselves. You would be making a direct impact on our product launch and contributing to something meaningful that would help improve the way businesses are done in Singapore, Indonesia, and in the future - South East Asia. What you'll do - Being responsible for the overall health and productivity of the engineers within your team; - Providing feedback on architecture and approach and helping teams make data-driven decisions; - Having an overview of what’s happening across the organization and collaborating with other engineering teams to build the product; - Code reviews and code implementation; - Designing complex systems in a microservices architecture; - Hiring and interviewing engineers for the team; - The ability to read and write frontend is a bonus; - Full autonomy in deriving impact – we believe people and teams are most empowered when they can act autonomously. You’ll work with your team to create a vision of your own on how to launch ahead of our competitors;

Required Skills and Experience

- 5+ years of experience in backend engineering in general; - 3+ years of relevant backend engineering experience, familiar with MVC frameworks such as Golang, Ruby on Rails, or any JS web frameworks; - Willingness to learn and work with Ruby on Rails - Expertise in SQL, database design, and writing optimal SQL queries; - Deep Knowledge of RESTful APIs; - Proficient user of Git and GitHub; - Evidence of understanding system design and being able to build a new system from scratch; - Evidence of ability to maintain and scale a system.

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Competitive salary - Full salary social insurance and union benefits - Annual Performance bonus (each March) - 0 to 3 month salary bonus - Performance review twice a year - 18 annual leave - 14 sick leave - Fast-paced environment - Working with an international team

Job Q&A

Bắt buộc UV từ 5 năm kinh nghiệm ạ, có willing UV từ 4 kinh nghiệm đã làm không ạ

Fazz is looking for senior engineers so it's must that candidate have at least 5 years of experience

Hi! Does the company open to discussing hybrid work from onboard?

Due to the team is still in building stage, it is require that the candidate needs to work onsite together

Hi company, the interview online or offline?

It's online interview

the process is online or offline?

It's mostly online

Can work remotely

No cannot

would you consider to open for 5k gross?

If the candidate is willing to negotiate, kindly refer them

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