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Senior Backend Software Engineer (Ruby On Rails)


Backend Developer AWS Software Engineering Backend

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Ho Chi Minh
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1 persons


Extra health insurance Extra health insurance
Laptop/desktop for works Laptop/desktop for works
Flexible working time Flexible working time

Job Overview And Responsibility

- Develop Hubble software solutions by studying the requirements, use-cases, and process flow to accomplish organization and engineering mission. - Lead the team in formulating software architecture, technology stack, and innovative solutions. - Expand the capability and expertise of the engineers by providing advice, coaching, and other opportunities. - Assist in the execution of Hubble’s technical aspects specifically enhancement, implementation, and deployment of Hubble’s product and service. - Analyse technical feasibility of the software solution from the problem definition, technical requirements, and proposed solutions. Work closely with the product team to document and develop requirements, estimation of timeline, and work plans. - Adhere to high quality software development principles, best-practices, design patterns, and code documentation. Research on new technologies, current state-of-the-art development tools and equipment, and opportunities for process improvement. - Assist the management in developing and implementing new processes to increase productivity and effectiveness of the engineering team.

Required Skills and Experience

- Minimum 4 years of software engineering experience building Backend Systems. - Have good English communication skills (writing and speaking) - A passion and drive for learning technologies and applying them pragmatically - Experience deploying software on highly scalable platforms like AWS. - Outstanding problem-solving skills and a solid grasp of object-oriented programming - An ability to contribute to a technical discussion and the openness to listen and learn from your peers - Have a good understanding of backend application architecture - Have a good understanding of various software engineering design patterns - Experience in Ruby on Rails, and/or Golang. - Comfortable with working in a fast-paced environment and highly collaborative team to solve real business problems - Versatility and enthusiasm to tackle new problems across the full-stack and to learn new frameworks as we continue to push technology forward

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Flexible working hours - Amazing team: open culture, open communication - Competitive compensation package - Premium Health Insurance - 14 annual leave days, 14 days for outpatient non-hospitalization leave and 60 days for hospitalization leave - Latest gadgets for work: MacBook Pro and large monitor - Well trained and dedicated to being able to catch the pace smoothly

Job Q&A

Hi team, cho em hỏi vị trí này còn open không ạ?

Hiện vị trí vẫn còn active bạn nha

Hi team, mình muốn hỏi job này hybrid mấy ngày trên tuần ạ

Yes. More details will be discuss with the candidate

Hi team, mình muốn hỏi: 1/ Ruby on Rails có phải là ngôn ngữ bắt buộc không, hay nếu có golang cũng được. 2/ highly scalable platforms có nhất thiết là cloud platform hay chỉ cần là scable platforms. Thanks team

Chào bạn, 1. chỉ 1 golang hoặc chỉ 1 Ruby hoặc cả 2 đều được, JD note là "Experience deploying software on highly scalable platforms" ah nên ko nhất nhiết phải cloud bạn nhé

Hi Team. Cho Mình hỏi, UV có thể PV online được ko?

Chào Ha Anh, có phỏng vấn online bạn nhé

Hi team, Cho mình hỏi vị trí này có nhận ứng viên 7x, 8x không ạ?

87 trở về sau này nhé b. M ngại age gap đối với UV lớn hơn ah. thanks b

Hi team, is remote working available? Or how many days should the employee be available at the office?

Full-time remote is not applied but hybrid mode is available

hi team, hybrid is available? Thanks team

Hi, yes, we applied Hybrid for employee already

bên này được 3,5k gross ko ạ?

Hiện tại chưa có plan này bạn nhé

Hi bạn, share giúp mh chi tiết process interview với ạ?

(1) Pre-screen Interview by HR: To check english (2) Interview 1 - technical inteview with our engineer. Prepare for coding interview as well. (3) Interview 2 - with our senior/staff. Technical interview focusing on design thinking and architecture (4) Interview 3 - with management/CTO. culture and fit

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