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Hiring & Payroll Solution for Remote Teams.
Help you Recruit, Hire, Pay and Manage payroll, taxes, HR, compliance of your remote employees in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore,...
Trusted by thousands of companies
All-in-one Employment platform
Hire in days
Hire top talents from the referral network of 10,000+ headhunters worldwide
Local Payroll & Benefits
Provide local payroll support along with insurance & other benefits
Risk-free Compliance
Get local employment contracts and tax filings
In-country expertise
Expert legal team in every region whenever and wherever you need it
Global Employment
We take care of the difficulty of establishing a local firm, in order to access talent in that country. In each nation, your staff is legally employed by us. We have a strong expertise in Asia Pacific markets.
Our best values
Hire in days, not months
Onboard your team in minutes
Outsourcing your payroll
Localize your benefits
Compliantly hire employees without paying huge fees
Manage your hiring and payroll all-in-one place
Automated payslip
Bundle payroll of multi-countries in one invoice
Rely on our candidate reference check
Advise you on local salary
Customize package for your own needs
It was really amazing working with Recruitery from day 1 in terms of recruitment. Brilliant support and strong talents. Rest assured that we have been relying heavily on Recruitery to build out our team in SEA.
Kelvin Chng
Co-founder @ Carro
Recruitery is our first and only local recruitment partner for the last few years. Now, when starting to recruit anyone for tech industry, I only think of Recruitery.
Regional Talent Acquisition @ Lazada Tech hub
We've used Recruitery to recruit and onboard employees in SEA and we would not have been able to grow that quickly without Recruitery.
Vijay Aggarwal
Co-founder @ Travelstop
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