#10 Strategies for Attracting Women In Tech Company

In a world moving towards equality, it's disheartening that only 14.3% of Silicon Valley's executives are women. Research shows gender-balanced teams boost creativity and project management. Despite 20% of engineering graduates being women, nearly 40% leave due to poor workplace environments and mistreatment. In this blog, Recruitery will explore 10 ways to attract women to your tech company


1. Establish a Strong Recruitment Brand

Your recruitment brand is crucial to attracting top talent, not just women. Create a positive image of your company by highlighting your work environment, work-life balance, and benefits, both financial and non-financial. 

Leverage marketing strategies to increase your online presence, enhance your SEO, and publish engaging content that fosters discussions about industry advancements and the appealing aspects of joining your organization.

2. Launch a Women's Mentorship Program

Encourage senior women in your company to mentor new recruits and promote this program through branding and social media. Customize the program to address job-specific needs while emphasizing its long-term benefits for career growth. Consider hosting events dedicated to women in tech, like celebrating Ada Lovelace, the pioneer of computer programming, and her mentor Mary Somerville.

3. Foster Advancement Opportunities for Women


Invest in women's career development to boost creativity and innovation in your company. Women are often less likely to seek roles for which they feel unqualified, so implement quarterly events where female industry leaders share insights with your workforce. 

Encourage participation in trade shows and conferences and strive for equal representation of men and women. Promote women's advancement in your organization to level the playing field and provide a clear career path for all employees.

4. Offer Equal Benefits for All Genders

Eliminate gender-specific benefits and create a well-rounded family leave program that includes both maternity and paternity leave. Ensure equal pay opportunities, boost employee morale, and encourage women to return to work. 

Set a transparent pay structure by researching industry and location averages and making adjustments as needed. Communicate your commitment to equal benefits through surveys and share the results to strengthen your recruitment strategy.

5. Cultivate an Inclusive Culture

Challenge the "bro culture" that might unknowingly exist in your company. Replace exclusive events with more inclusive gatherings, ensuring everyone feels welcome and included. Consider family-friendly activities and maintain a diverse and inclusive office culture. Share these inclusive experiences on social media and company blogs to demonstrate your support for all employees beyond their daily tasks.

6. Educational Initiatives


Educational initiatives are crucial for attracting and retaining women in your tech company. By partnering with schools and universities, you can inspire young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields and provide a pipeline of talented female candidates. Here's how to implement this strategy effectively:

  • Scholarships and Internships: Offer scholarships or internship programs specifically for female students pursuing STEM degrees. These opportunities not only provide financial support but also hands-on experience within your company.

  • STEM Outreach Programs: Collaborate with local schools and organizations to organize STEM outreach events. These initiatives can include workshops, coding camps, or career talks to introduce girls to the exciting possibilities in tech.

  • Mentorship Programs: Pair your female employees with local students to serve as mentors and role models. They can share their experiences, provide guidance, and inspire the next generation of women in tech.

  • Support Women in STEM Clubs: Encourage and sponsor the establishment of women in STEM clubs or organizations at local educational institutions. These clubs create a supportive community for female students.

7. Introduce External Networking and Mentoring

Bringing external networking and mentoring opportunities into your company's culture is an excellent way to attract women and help them thrive. Here's how to do it:

  • Networking Events: Attend or organize industry-specific networking events that focus on promoting women in tech. These events provide a platform for your female employees to connect with others in their field.

  • External Mentorship Programs: Partner with external organizations that offer mentorship programs for women in tech. Encourage your female employees to participate and seek mentorship outside the company.

  • Professional Development Opportunities: Support women in attending conferences, workshops, and seminars related to their field. This external exposure broadens their knowledge and networks.

8. Start Internal Mentoring and Leadership Programs


Internal mentoring and leadership programs are essential for nurturing talent within your company. Here's how to initiate and maintain these programs:

  • Mentorship Pairs: Match experienced employees, both male and female, with up-and-coming female talent in your organization. Ensure that mentorship relationships are goal-oriented and provide regular check-ins.

  • Leadership Development: Create leadership development programs that specifically target women. These programs should focus on skills development, leadership training, and exposure to leadership roles within the company.

  • Mentoring Circles: Establish mentoring circles where a group of women can collectively mentor each other. These circles offer diverse perspectives and support networks.

9. Transparent Career Progression

Transparent career progression is essential to ensure that women in your tech company have equal opportunities for advancement. Here's how to make it happen:

  • Clearly Defined Career Paths: Develop and communicate clear career paths within your organization. Employees should understand the steps and criteria for advancing in their careers.

  • Performance Reviews: Implement regular performance reviews that provide constructive feedback. Set goals and offer development opportunities to help women advance.

  • Promotion Criteria: Ensure that promotion criteria are objective and unbiased. Focus on skills, performance, and potential, rather than gender.

10. Share Stories of Women Who Are Succeeding:

Sharing success stories of women within your organization can inspire and motivate others. Here's how to do it:

  • Employee Spotlights: Regularly feature stories and profiles of successful women in your company on your website, social media, and internal communications.

  • Inclusive Events: Organize events where women in leadership positions share their journeys and experiences. Encourage open dialogues about challenges and achievements.

  • Internal Recognition: Recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of your female employees within your company. Awards or acknowledgment programs can be effective.

In conclusion, even if putting these changes into practice could take some time, your business and the tech sector as a whole will gain a lot from them. Encouraging gender equality in the workplace is a mutually beneficial obligation. So, let's work with Recruitery to communicate your commitment to these changes to your team and your recruiters, while simultaneously beginning to build your comprehensive recruitment brand with 10 ways to attract women to your tech company in our blog.