#10 Ways to Create Lasting Relationships with Employee Alumni

In today's dynamic workforce, employee turnover is commonplace. But the end of their tenure with your company doesn't have to mark the end of your connection. Your former employees can transform into valuable assets, such as future clients, referrals, or even returning team members. To leverage this potential, it's essential to maintain a strong and lasting connection with your ex-employees. Here, Recruitery share 10 ways to create lasting Relationships with employee alumni.


1. Organize an Online Alumni Group

When setting up an alumni group, define your goals and consider why alumni would want to engage. A practical step is to assign a moderator from your organization to handle a LinkedIn Group. The moderator shares job openings and updates, while alumni can network within the group.

In the case of larger organizations, it may be worthwhile to create or invest in a custom portal where content can be categorized into different sections (e.g., job listings, referrals, alumni news).

2. Host In-Person Alumni Events

To express genuine appreciation for your alumni (and demonstrate that they are still part of the extended company family), consider arranging periodic events that facilitate networking between alumni, current employees, and prospective candidates. If you have current job openings, ensure that recruiters or hiring managers are available to answer questions and provide insights.

3. Include Alumni in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Extending invitations to your alumni to participate can boost participation and output while reinforcing your continued connection with former employees and their sense of belonging to your community. In essence, it's a win-win situation for all involved.

4. Equip Alumni to Speak Correctly and Confidently about Your Company


Alumni often serve as brand ambassadors in their new roles or within their professional networks. Provide them with the necessary tools and information to speak accurately and confidently about your company. Share key updates, achievements, and relevant materials so that they can represent your organization effectively.

5. Recruit a Strong Executive Sponsor

Having a dedicated executive sponsor for your alumni program can add credibility and commitment. This sponsor can champion the program within the company, allocate necessary resources, and ensure that it aligns with the organization's goals. Their support can also encourage current employees to engage with alumni more actively.

6. Create a One-Pager Illustrating the Value of the Alumni Program

A one-pager is a concise, yet powerful tool to showcase the significance of your alumni program. It serves as a quick reference guide for both current and former employees, outlining the numerous benefits your program offers. 

Highlight the opportunities for networking, professional development, and how alumni can maintain their connection with your company. Make it abundantly clear that the alumni program is a valuable resource that can enhance their career prospects and personal growth.

7. Lean on Internal Employees, Partners, and Stakeholders


Collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders can significantly boost the impact of your alumni program. Encourage your current employees to actively engage with alumni, fostering and maintaining valuable relationships. 

Their involvement in alumni events can strengthen connections and showcase the company's commitment to its former members. Moreover, consider involving partners and external stakeholders in your alumni initiatives. Their support and participation can extend the reach of your program, creating a more extensive and influential network.

8. Gather More and Better Quality Data to Increase the Program’s Value

Data is a crucial asset for the success of your alumni program. Collect comprehensive information about your alumni, including details about their career progression, notable achievements, and personal interests. This data is invaluable for personalizing your communication and tailoring program offerings to cater to their specific needs. 

By providing relevant content and opportunities, you can significantly increase the value of your alumni program, making it a more attractive and meaningful resource for both current and former employees.

9. Spend the Time to Create Unique Alumni Content

Engaging alumni requires the creation of high-quality content specifically designed to cater to their interests and needs. This content may encompass newsletters, articles, webinars, video content, and more. Focus on addressing their professional development, interests, and career growth. Ensure that the content is not only informative but also valuable, offering insights and knowledge that can benefit alumni in their post-company journey.

10. Celebrate Alumni


Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of your alumni can be a powerful motivator for them to maintain their connection with your organization. Highlight their contributions to the company, showcase their successes in newsletters, at alumni events, and through various communication channels. 

Publicly express your pride in their achievements, reinforcing the sense of belonging and appreciation within your alumni community. Recognizing their accomplishments not only boosts their morale but also underscores the ongoing value of your alumni program.

In conclusion, creating lasting relationships with employee alumni is not only beneficial for the individuals involved but can also significantly impact your organization's success. By implementing 10 ways to create lasting Relationships with employee alumni in Recruitery's blog, you can foster a sense of community, maintain a positive connection with your alumni, and leverage their potential for the benefit of your company.