2 Choices for International Students in Event Operations

Event operations is a relatively comprehensive position, which aims to increase product and user data and promote the final landing of the project. As one of the indispensable positions in major Internet companies, it has become a popular choice for fresh graduates in recent years. To help the majority of international students who want to engage in event operations, we will introduce the core requirements and categories of event operations positions from the following three aspects:

  1. The core of event operations

  2. The scenarios that will appear in the event operations position

  3. The differences between the two types of event operations

1. The Core Of Event Operations

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Event operations is to promote the project, manage the site, and land the event around a series of elements such as planning, resources, promotion, and effect.

An event operation needs to clarify the goal of the event, and continuously track the core data in the event, and be responsible for the results of the event effect evaluation.

And doing the event itself is also a very common operation method, which is an essential skill for an operator. So whether you are doing content operations or user operations, you will participate in the event more or less.

Therefore, when many companies decide to hold an event, they will let colleagues from multiple positions in a department be responsible for an event, and there will be fewer pure event operations positions.

2. The Scenarios That Will Appear In The Event Operations Position

The above statement is not absolute. There are generally two scenarios where event operations positions appear in the company:

  1. The company wants to organize a high-quality event, hoping to increase some product and user data through this event. At this time, some experienced operators are needed to be responsible for the entire event.

  2. The company already has a certain scale, and the events it organizes have become user habits. The company needs to continuously maintain and improve these events, such as: Tmall Double Eleven, Jingdong Shopping Festival, etc., so it also needs specialized event operations personnel to support the entire event.

These two situations are the most common reasons for the company to set up event operations positions, so this article will take you from these two perspectives to see what kind of positions event operations include.

The Differences Between The Two Types Of Event Operations

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  1. Single Event Operation

For most companies, they have their own main business, and they need to organize online or offline events for the company to “bring volume” in order to expand product influence and user numbers.

Therefore, this type of event operation position has a very clear work goal, which is to improve the core data of products and users through this event.

Therefore, for the personnel of the event operation position, they have very strong ability requirements, and they need extremely strong professional qualities from the pre-event preparation, mid-term event promotion, to the post-event formation and landing.

It can be seen that the work goals of the entire event operation are centered on improving the data. Therefore, the operators need to understand every link very well and know how to better improve and optimize the corresponding core data.

Generally, this kind of event operation has higher requirements for applicants, and it is not very suitable for fresh graduates of international students, but if you have been responsible for a complete event planning, promotion, execution, landing and other links abroad, then It will greatly improve your matching degree with the position.

  1. Maintenance-Type Event Operation

For many large-scale companies, organizing events has become an indispensable business, or even the main business, and these events have been recognized by users, such as: Tmall Double Eleven, Jingdong Shopping Festival, Wedding Expo, Housing Expo, etc.

At this time, these companies will generally recruit some specialized event operation personnel to operate these already formed events.

This type of event operation has been formed and has a relatively deep user base, so for the operators, more work is to maintain the users and regularly land some inherent events.

User operation personnel are more responsible for operating a certain link, and do not need to take care of everything. For example, the position that Jingdong is recruiting belongs to the large-scale maintenance-type event operation.

It can be seen that the event operation position that Jingdong recruits is more about doing a good job in some links in the promotion activity and being responsible for some work. And this kind of maintenance-type event operation position, after a certain development critical point, the focus of work will be more biased towards brand effect.

At the same time, because the event itself has a foundation among users, this kind of event operation pays more attention to the rhythm, and will not rush to open and close, and many times the operation of the event has previous experience to learn from, and the work pressure for newcomers is also relatively low.

The bigger the platform, the more attention will be paid to refined operations, and different regions and different types of products will be classified and operated. Users can see various events such as: Home Decoration Festival, Electrical Festival, Book Festival, etc. on the same platform, and different events are often also responsible by different event operation teams.

Therefore, for international students who want to engage in event operation positions, a large-scale event operation position is more suitable for fresh graduates of international students, and it is also more conducive for international students to build their own event operation system.

In Summary

Event operation position is a relatively comprehensive position, product, user, content operation will each play their role in an event, and event operation is more responsible for the core data that needs to be improved in the entire event, and constantly promote the project and finally land.

For international students who want to engage in user operations, if they have been responsible for a complete event planning, promotion, execution, landing and other links abroad, then applying for a single event operation position will greatly improve their matching degree with the position and increase the success rate of job hunting.

But if you lack relevant experience in event operations, applying for a maintenance-type event operation position will be a good entry opportunity, and it will be easier to lay a comprehensive and systematic operation foundation for the future.