Effective year-end recruitment tips for businesses

What should businesses prepare for the year-end recruitment?

Finding candidates at the end of the year is always a difficult problem for employers; Especially in 2021 when almost all businesses were more or less affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For that reason, when all production business activities have returned to normal activities in the last months of the year; Businesses have also sought ways to attract candidates and complement themselves to the working force in time to enlist the completion of the plans set out at the beginning of the year.

So at the end of the year, candidates do not want to quit their jobs because there are still bonuses and salaries in the upcoming 13th month; What do businesses need to find and create competitive advantages when accessing good candidates in the market? Recruitery will learn and offer solutions to solve the problem.

Not only that, but Recruitery also has articles shared from the perspective of a candidate about the benefits that candidates are most interested in during the year-end recruitment. 

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Use new recruitment platforms

With traditional employers, they may be too familiar with the posting sites such as VietnamWorks, CareerBuilder, ... But at the end of the year as today, when there are too many companies like you are also recruiting for the same position. Tri but there are better advantages such as salaries, bonuses or even allowing remote to have more advantages than your company.

So why don't you try using new recruitment platforms like Recruitery? With the 4.0 Recruiter recruiting platform - you will have a completely new experience in recruitment work. With the Recruitery platform, you only need to send your job required information, more than 5000 free headhunts on the market will help you find the candidates that best suit your requirements.

Not only that, but these free headhunters also have extremely good sources of candidates thanks to their relationships; The place where you will not be able to find these candidates on the regular recruitment market.

So what are you waiting for, please register and find out with recruiters right here to receive the best quality candidates on the recruitment market today!

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Encourage staff to introduce friends

Laszlo Bock shared the secret behind the success of Google's recruitment in his recent book, working rules! If you haven't read it, try to read it - it contains useful details from one of the world's leading personnel practices.

In the book, Bock describes the challenges that Google faces in the journey to recruit the best candidates for an organization exponentially. During this process, some invaluable learning experiences have been shown. Join Recruitery to learn about Google and encourages its employees to introduce their potential candidates.

Sometimes the simplest strategies are best:

- Recruiting the best people you know

- Keep them always have new challenges and make them happy at the company

- Encourage them to introduce these. Their most talented friend can even lead them to experience the company's working environment

- provide a great experience for the candidate - repeat (until this process is growing fast quickly. More than employees)

- At the time you cannot repeat this process, you may have started developing a dedicated internal recruitment group.

Bock is not the only one who believes in the introduction of the staff. In a study by CareerBuilder, 82% of employers evaluate employees' introductions on all other sources to create the best investment (whip).

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Give better welfare to attract candidates

​​​​With the race in the year-end recruitment, giving better benefits at this time will help your company have more competitive advantages than other companies. Some competitive advantages you can check right at the list below the Recommeery graves propose:

- Rewards attract candidates

- Sign-on bonus bonus

- Welfare Full salary insurance, ...

In addition to the above things, you can find out more new articles that are constantly updated on Recruitery so that you can promptly update the latest recruitment trend from Recruitery.