How Can Video Interviewing Software Help Add Diversity To Your Workforce?

Video interviews have become a prevalent component of the hiring process, adopting various formats. If you're anticipating one, it's beneficial to acquaint yourself with the different aspects to ensure thorough preparation. In this guide, Recruitery will guide you through how video interviewing software help add diversity to your workforce.

Distinguishing Between Live and Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

How can video interviewing software help add diversity to your workforce

  • Live interviews: joining a video conference through a shared link or receiving a call via platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts, enabling real-time interaction with an interviewer.

  • Pre-recorded video interviews: you'll receive instructions on joining the interview, but instead of connecting with a person, you'll respond to pre-recorded or written interview questions displayed on the screen. Your answers are recorded for later review, often with a time limit and the possibility of multiple recording attempts.

Advantages of Video Interviewing

Let's discover the common advantages of video interviewing as follows

  • Ensure Consistency: Pre-recorded one-way video interviews guarantee uniform question delivery, ensuring fairness and equal treatment for all candidates.

  • Create Room for Conscious Evaluation: One-way recorded video interviews provide a deliberate evaluation space, allowing recruiters to assess at their own pace and review feedback criteria.

  • Expand Accountability: Recorded interviews enable collaboration in the evaluation process, involving multiple recruiters and reducing individual biases.

  • Reduce Hiring Manager Bias: Certain video interviewing software allows for anonymizing interviews using AI transcription, ensuring hiring managers focus on skills and experience without unconscious biases.

  • Increase Accessibility: One-way video interviews offer flexibility, allowing candidates to interview at their convenience. Dedicated software enhances accessibility through features such as larger buttons, special help menus, and AI translation.

  • Give More People a Chance to Impress: Video interviewing accelerates the process, allowing more candidates to participate in a first-stage recorded interview, increasing opportunities for showcasing abilities.

  • Improve Visibility to Identify and Solve Issues: Video interviewing software facilitates comprehensive data capture, aiding in identifying and resolving recruitment challenges, such as missed diversity targets, through detailed analysis.

women at home doing a video interview

Drawbacks of Video Interview 

Besides various pros, video interviews also come with some disadvantages 

  • Exposed to Protected Characteristics Earlier: Video interviews in lieu of telephone interviews provide early candidate insights, but this also brings the risk of encountering protected characteristics sooner, introducing potential bias points.

  • Technical Awareness and Ability Required: Video interviewing necessitates tech awareness not required in phone or in-person interviews. Candidates lacking tech skills or facing accessibility issues may face unfair challenges in making a positive impression.

  • AI Analysis Reflects Biases: Dedicated video interview technology often incorporates auto-screening and rejection features, which may mirror biases. For instance, auto-shortlisting based on university attended may perpetuate demographic biases.

  • Internet Access Required: While video interviews eliminate travel-related inequalities, they introduce their own challenges. Many candidates may lack the means to apply for jobs from home, highlighting an issue with internet access.

Enhancing Workplace Diversity through Structured Video Interviews: Key Approaches

In this section, we will discuss in detailed how video interview softwares help enrich workplace diversity 

Detect and Address Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Structured video interviews offer a streamlined approach to identifying bias. The recorded and stored data facilitates easy review, revealing deviations from the structured process that may indicate internal bias. 

The software automates the process, generating reports to assess team behavior, enabling swift identification and resolution of potential biases among decision-makers. This proactive approach ensures fairer and more informed organizational decisions.

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Reduce Recruiter-Candidate Distance

Structured video interviews break geographical barriers, expanding your candidate pool beyond the immediate area. This fosters diversity by connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, providing a broader range of candidates and increasing the likelihood of finding the best fit for the job.

Effortless Collaboration with Recruiters

Video interviews, whether pre-recorded or live, offer recording and sharing features. Pre-recorded interviews are automatically recorded, while live interviews can be recorded as an option. Shareable recordings with built-in structured guides facilitate easy collaboration among team members. This enables diverse opinions, reducing the risk of discriminatory actions in the recruitment process.

Cut Travel Costs for Applicants and Recruiters

Video interviewing software eradicates travel expenses, connecting with candidates online, eliminating financial barriers, and preserving the human interview experience without the need for physical travel.

Enhanced Convenience for Disabled Candidates

Video interviews offer increased accessibility for candidates with disabilities, eliminating the need for exhausting travel and enabling them to complete interviews from home. This ensures a more focused and stress-free interview experience, allowing candidates to accurately showcase their skills.

women on a wheelchair attending a video interview

In Summary

Utilize video interviewing software and structured methodology to address bias and foster diversity in your organization. Achieving diversity, especially in larger organizations, may be challenging, but leveraging the right tools can steer your organization in the right direction. With this article from Recruitery, hopefully you have understood how can video interviewing software help add diversity to your workforce.