How Can You Write Effective Email Subject Lines To Attract Candidates?

Crafting effective recruitment emails is crucial for companies hiring skilled individuals. Mastering captivating subject lines is key to ensuring candidates not only open your emails but also respond actively. Explore the essence of recruitment emails, understand the importance of well-crafted subject lines, and get practical tips on how to write effective email subject lines to attract candidates with Recruitery.

How can you write effective email subject lines to attract candidates

What constitutes a recruitment email?

A recruitment email is a message sent by hiring managers or recruiters to inform potential candidates about job opportunities. Recruiters utilizing email as their primary method for finding candidates typically incorporate elements to establish rapport and spark interest in the promoted job openings. These emails often highlight:

  • Candidate's credentials, 

  • Candidate's skills and qualifications

  • Educational background

  • The job role

  • A call to action

What makes recruitment email subject lines crucial?

Recruitment email subject lines are crucial for persuading candidates to open and engage with job offers. They play a vital role in capturing attention and introducing candidates to your company, significantly influencing the effectiveness of communication. 

Well-crafted subject lines are key to recruiters introducing their companies, generating interest in job opportunities, and prompting candidates to submit applications in successful recruitment emails.

Tips for Crafting Compelling Recruitment Email Subject Lines

Explore the following strategies to enhance your company's email open rate and successfully attract qualified candidates through well-crafted recruitment email subject lines

Be concise

People spend mere seconds scanning emails before deciding to open them. Ensure your subject line is brief and to the point to capture your target candidate's attention before losing the opportunity to make your pitch.

Personalize is important

Boost email open rates with proven personalization techniques. Subject lines with personal touches see an increase in open rates, and incorporating various personalization fields can elevate reply rates higher. Address recipients by name, making them feel directly spoken to, and include personal details such as their current job title, location, or company name.


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Be Specific

Avoid vague subject lines like "Just checking in" or "Quick question," as they are unlikely to capture the attention of potential candidates. Clearly outline your purpose and explain why the recipient should be interested. 

For instance, a subject line such as "[First Name], Noticed Your [Top 3 Skills] and Have a [Job Title] Opportunity for You" is far more compelling than a generic "Quick question."

Incorporate Numbers When Relevant

Subject lines with numbers can boost open rates by up to 113% compared to those without. If applicable, use numbers to highlight key details such as salary, benefits, employee count, or employer review scores.

Clearly Communicate Your Offering

Ensure your subject line clearly conveys the value you're providing to candidates, whether it's a job opportunity, an informational interview, or insights into their industry of interest. In a crowded mailbox, subject lines lacking a clear value proposition are likely to be deprioritized.

Create Urgency

Boost email open and response rates by incorporating a sense of urgency. Inform candidates of a limited timeframe for submitting their applications or resumes for the job opening, a technique often employed by recruiters to drive immediate action.

Highlight Talents

Emphasize candidates' unique talents discovered through recruiting research, such as special skills, certifications, or distinctive qualifications. Illustrate how these talents align with the open role and your organization's culture, fostering trust and encouraging candidates to explore the job opening further.

Recruitment Subject Line Examples

We provide some examples of Subject lines that are likely to yield high open rates and engagement. While some emails are disregarded due to ineffective subject lines, others are opened immediately upon reaching the candidate prospect.

  1. Exclusive Opportunity: [Company Name] Wants You, [First Name]

This subject line maintains simplicity, clarity, and directness. Candidates understand the nature of the email before opening it. While still somewhat generic, it carries significant impact for companies with a strong and recognizable brand.

Example: "Exclusive Opportunity: Google Wants You, Jessica"

  1. [First Name], Impressed by Your [Domain] Skills - Ideal [Job Title] Role Awaits!

This subject line effectively highlights the candidate's skills and clearly presents a job offer. It's versatile for any company but may require careful personalization, especially for the domain aspect.

Example: “John, Impressed by Your AI Skills - Ideal AI Expert Role Awaits!”

  1. [Company Name] Seeks [Job Title]s in [Location]—Apply Now!

This subject line is direct, clear, and injects a sense of urgency, encouraging candidates to act promptly. Particularly effective for high-volume hiring scenarios, such as recruiting delivery riders.

Example: "Deliveroo Seeks Delivery Riders in Rome—Apply Now!"


How can you write effective email subject lines to attract candidates

  1. Your [Top Skills] Are Impressive, [First Name]!

This subject line offers a genuine compliment to the candidate, showcasing your knowledge of their skill set and background. Effective personalization is crucial for authenticity, making it most suitable for niche talent searches where specific skills are paramount.

Example: "Your Game Development Skills Are Impressive, Patrick!"

  1. Join Us, [First Name], in our Mission to [Short Mission Statement]!

This subject line directly connects with the company's mission, aiming to evoke excitement in potential candidates about contributing to that mission. It is particularly effective for companies with a compelling mission, such as those in sustainability.

Example: "Join Us, Lilly, in our Mission to Facilitate Sustainable Project in Thailand!"

  1. Invitation to Interview for [Job Position Name]

This formal subject line carries an official tone, suitable for industries with stringent and formal application processes, such as government, healthcare, military, or space industry positions.

Example: "Invitation to Interview for Our Head of Art Department Position"

  1. Get Ready to Meet the [Company Name] Team, [First Name] 🙂! 

This informal subject line highlights the team aspect and includes an emoji for a friendly touch. It's particularly effective for smaller, informal teams like startups and for versatile job positions such as sales.

Example: "Get Ready to Meet the GoPro Team, Linh! 🙂"

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  1. Join the Best Workplace, [First Name]—Welcome to [Company Name]!

This subject line highlights the company's exceptional employee experience, leveraging it as a unique selling point for potential candidates. It's particularly effective for companies with outstanding employee reviews, emphasizing a positive workplace culture.

Example: "Join the Best Workplace, Quang—Welcome to Grab!"

  1. Join the Elite: You're Among the Top 1% [First Name]!

This subject line targets high achievers who value working with the best professionals. It's particularly effective for audiences like strategy consultants.

Example: "Join the Elite: You're Among the Top 1%, Maya!"

  1. [Insert Cultural Value] Champions Wanted: Join the [Company Name] Team, [First Name]!

This subject line underscores the importance of cultural values, making it especially compelling when values and soft skills are critical for the open position.

Example: "Innovative People Like Phillips Needed to Join the Gameloft Team!"

In Summary 

In conclusion, a recruitment email serves as a direct communication from hiring managers and recruiters to potential candidates, notifying them of job opportunities. Those relying on email as their primary sourcing method strategically incorporate elements to establish rapport and spark interest in the promoted job openings. Recruitery hopes this article has given you insights on how you can write effective email subject lines to attract candidates.