How to find a job in two easy steps

Securing employment and ensuring it aligns with your ideal career progression is a complex endeavor. It holds paramount importance for your sustained development and achievement. Given the prevailing economic conditions, navigating this process can be particularly formidable and carry some degree of risk. This Recruitery's article advises you on how to find a job in two easy steps.


What challenges are faced by job seekers on a job search?

Here are a few typical obstacles faced by job seekers

Complex and Unclear Application Procedures

Many companies intentionally complicate their application processes, making it easy to lose quality candidates. The unclear guidelines, while designed to screen out unfit applicants, might unintentionally exclude excellent fits in the fast-paced digital talent landscape. As a candidate, look for roles with clear, concise, and relevant application instructions.

Limited Application Flexibility

In today's mobile-driven job search, being restricted to specific devices can narrow opportunities. Seek roles with mobile-friendly applications to broaden accessibility. Beware of requests for redundant information, like employment history after submitting a resume, as it can lead to frustration and may cause you to abandon the application.

Lack of Candidate Feedback

Uncertainty about application status is a common challenge. Prioritize roles and companies that offer timely feedback, providing clarity for your next steps, regardless of whether an interview is granted.

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Insufficient Human Interaction

Streamlined processes are crucial, but too much reliance on automation can remove the human touch essential for positive perceptions. Look for companies that prioritize genuine human interaction, as it contributes to a more personalized and positive candidate experience. Seek recruiters who value compassion and understanding, fostering relationships and enhancing the company's reputation.

How to start your job search in 2 simple steps?

In this section, we provide you some practical advices on what actions to take for finding a job easily 

Step 1 - Establish a job profile that is ideal to you 

When seeking a new job, it's important for you to outline your objectives, necessary attributes and create an ideal job profile for yourself. Clearly distinguish must-haves from nice-to-haves, incorporating these criteria into your ideal job profile. Actively compare each opportunity against this profile, using employer review sites like Glassdoor for insights on company culture, interview processes, and awards like "Best Place to Work."

This systematic approach ensures alignment with your salary expectations, growth aspirations, and cultural preferences in your job search.

Example Ideal Job Profile List:


  • Located in a vibrant urban environment

  • Competitive annual compensation exceeding $90K

  • Role in Project Management or Business Development

  • Team collaboration involving cross-functional specialists

  • Emphasis on sustainability practices in both hiring and workplace culture

  • Well-defined career progression and continuous learning opportunities

  • Comprehensive parental support benefits

  • Hybrid work arrangement with remote flexibility

  • Mission-driven organization aligned with environmental conservation

  • Adaptable paid time off policy

  • Employer-rated above 4.2 on relevant review platforms


  • Recognized for innovation and industry impact

  • Wellness programs and fitness incentives

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Step 2 - Evaluate your application process

Once you've identified a position you're interested in applying for, take a moment to reflect on the application experience with the company. This can serve as a valuable preview of your potential candidate and employee journey. Here are a few examples you can ask yourself for your assessment:

  • Is there information on their website about the company's work culture?

  • Do they utilize user-friendly application systems?

  • Did you receive prompt communication regarding the next steps?

  • If not, is the company forthright and transparent about their hiring process and your current status?

The efforts made to support your success as a candidate reflect the company's dedication to your success as an employee. In your interview, ask specific questions about company culture, growth opportunities, team satisfaction, salary expectations, and work-life balance, especially in the context of remote work becoming more common.


Developing a methodical and thoughtful strategy for navigating your job search is pivotal in gathering the essential information required to make informed decisions about your future career trajectory. By adopting a structured approach, you ensure a comprehensive understanding of potential opportunities and align your career goals effectively. 
In this context, Recruitery sincerely hopes that the insights shared in this article prove instrumental in guiding you through the process of how to find a job in two easy steps.