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Frequently, individuals ponder which major offers the least demanding academic path. If you're among those inquisitive minds, consider delving into Recruitery's article, where we answer the question of “what is easy to study" that can pave the way for rapid career progression.

what is easy to learn


If you have a passion for teaching methods, this degree is an ideal choice. Opting for one of the STEM subjects will require you to take specific STEM classes. This program primarily demands knowledge from a scientific and mathematical perspective, making it relatively undemanding in terms of additional efforts, which is why it's often considered one of the easiest majors.


Cosmetic Industry

The beauty care industry is a relatively straightforward field to grasp, emphasizing practical skills over extensive theory for students. Presently, the cosmetology industry encompasses various professions such as spa treatments, skincare, nail art, hairstyling, makeup, tattooing, and many others.

Studying cosmetology and beauty doesn't pose significant challenges, as long as you have a passion for beauty and a willingness to learn.


Music Industry

If you're contemplating which major offers a more accessible path of study, music might be an excellent option for you. This is particularly true if you have a deep passion for a specific genre or aspect of music. With a music degree, you can explore career opportunities as a lecturer, music teacher, stage instrumentalist, or even a freelance artist.

Music majors are often seen as less demanding since they prioritize theory over performance-based assessments. Furthermore, having a music degree can open doors to roles like coaching or becoming a professional artist within the music industry.


Human Resource Management 

Another response to the question, "Which major is the easiest to study?" would be the Human Resource Management field. Human Resource Management holds significant importance within any organization, serving as the vital link between employees and businesses. As a result, professionals in this role must possess ingenuity and a deep understanding of employee aspirations.

In addition to the specialized curriculum, students pursuing Human Resource Management must excel in communication, listening skills, and the ability to comprehend the unique needs of employees. These attributes enable HR administrators to guide businesses in making the most suitable human resource decisions.


Publishing Industry 

This is among the industries often viewed as having a relatively manageable knowledge load. You can explore this major at Journalism schools or institutions within the realm of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Graduates in this field can pursue various roles, including positions as editors, newsroom staff, or newspaper publishers. For individuals who are exceptionally detail-oriented, possess creative and analytical skills, this field of study is a fitting choice.


Communications and Public Relations Industry

Communication and Public Relations is another response to the question, "Which major is the easiest to study?" Students in this field will encounter:

  • Nonverbal communication, which involves the skill of observing and deriving meaning from nonverbal cues.

  • Writing and reading various forms of text and messages.

  • Verbal communication, including the art of conveying information through spoken language.

Students pursuing this major won't encounter many challenges that demand advanced computational skills. An essential quality for individuals in this field is the ability to communicate effectively, speak with clarity, and fluency.


Content Creation 

As the internet continues to experience significant growth, the realm of content creation has evolved more than ever before. Individuals pursuing this major will center their education on producing content tailored to suit the audience, platform, and business objectives.

This industry places a higher premium on the skills and creativity of its professionals rather than formal university degrees. If you possess a creative mindset and are attuned to market trends, acquiring proficiency and thriving in this field can be quite achievable.



If you have a deep passion for reading and dissecting texts, pursuing an English major could be an excellent match for you. English majors enjoy a vast array of potential career paths, which can be both advantageous and challenging. While your skills are adaptable to various professions, it might be somewhat challenging to pinpoint your exact career choice.

In the realm of English major studies, there's typically little to no involvement in math or science subjects. Depending on your program, you might find yourself dedicating more of your time to shorter, analytical papers rather than extensive research projects.



These are the answers that Recruitery wishes to address regarding what is easy to study. While some may consider these fields as requiring less intensive study compared to others, it's essential not to approach them with subjectivity or a lack of focus. If you're genuinely passionate about pursuing a career in any of these industries, giving your best effort through dedicated study, consistent practice, and ongoing exploration of new knowledge is still crucial.