TOP 12 Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam

Today, many businesses are engaged in fierce competition to reduce costs, improve customer service, and maximize efficiency. However, not every company has enough staff to handle tasks outside their core competencies. This is where Software Outsourcing comes into play.

So, what is Software Outsourcing? You can think of it as a way to hire external companies to perform tasks that your company lacks the expertise for. The term "Software Outsourcing" is used to refer to companies specializing in providing applications, software, website or app design, etc. 

This approach is often used when a company lacks the workforce or requires a more specialized entity to take on these responsibilities. The Software Outsourcing market is currently booming in our country.

When it comes to reputable and well-known Software Outsourcing companies in Vietnam, you can't ignore the top 12 companies that are currently receiving the most attention:



FPT Software (formerly under the FPT Group) was founded in 1988 with the mission of software outsourcing to meet the information technology (IT) needs of software companies and large domestic enterprises. Their ambition goes beyond that; it includes exporting software globally to foreign companies.

FPT Software has achieved impressive results as one of the largest software companies in the country and is rated among the top 100 global outsourcing providers by IAOP. The company currently provides services to nearly 450 customers, including 43 customers listed in the Fortune Global 500.

FPT Software not only focuses on leading in the software field but also creates a professional working environment for programmers to maximize their creative potential and invest thoroughly in professional knowledge through participation in large-scale international technology projects. Here, every individual has the opportunity to learn, enhance their skills, and advance quickly through specialized training programs.

Besides its workforce, FPT Software also organizes various team-building activities to connect its members and enhance teamwork. Alongside renowned global corporations, FPT Software has invested in building a campus model (a combination of office and entertainment areas) to create a workspace that stimulates creativity, efficiency, and is suitable for technology companies. In addition to competitive benefits, including salary bonuses, health care, family care, and premium insurance packages, the company invests in high-quality medical care programs through the FPT Care health insurance package. This environment is highly regarded and loved by many.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Vietnam.

- Hanoi Office: FPT Cau Giay Building, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District.

- Ho Chi Minh City: Block T2, D1 Street, High-Tech Park, District 9.

- Number of Employees: 15,000.

- Specializes in software development and maintenance services, application transformation, embedded systems, mobile computing, cloud computing, ERP deployment, and QA.



HCL is a global advanced technology conglomerate with a mission to help businesses revamp their core operations. HCL commenced operations in Vietnam in July 2020 and planned to establish an organization with more than 3,000 experienced experts in Vietnam. Abundant talent resources have helped Vietnam become an ideal distribution center for applications, integrated services, and business service infrastructure for global customers.

Sharing the Ideapreneurship culture, the company aims to provide the best support to its multinational clients with the help of a high-quality workforce in Vietnam. At HCL, you will work in an international and multicultural environment. Nevertheless, the company respects each individual's unique cultural identity and harmonizes this diversity to create an inspirational working atmosphere for its employees.

HCL provides a professional working environment for employees with high-tech job projects, ensuring stability and progress. Most importantly, HCL's members have the opportunity to participate in various future skill training programs and global job opportunities.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: India.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: 16th Floor, Saigon Tower, 29 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1.

- Number of Employees: 3,000.

- Specializes in IT services and business, engineering and R&D services (ERS), products, and platforms (P&P).

NASHTECH (formerly known as Harvey Nash)


Officially established in 1988 with the aim of advancing the use of cutting-edge technologies in fields such as cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity, which are the strengths of NashTech.

The company's main business areas are quite diverse, including computer software production, software operation consulting, graphic design services, website programming services, and more.

The company is building a team of young and talented coders who enjoy challenges and engage in global projects. In addition, NashTech holds the 14th position in the ranking of the best places to work in Vietnam, showing that it is one of the outsourcing companies worth considering.

Compared to the traditional working model, at NashTech, you will work in an open and creative environment with well-equipped lab rooms that meet international standards. You are no longer bound by fixed working hours, as you will have flexibility and complete comfort due to flexible working hours. Furthermore, you will have easy access to travel opportunities, birthday parties, or sports activities when you join NashTech.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: United Kingdom.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: Etown 1 - 3rd Floor, 364 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh District.

- Hanoi: 239 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay District.

- Number of Employees: 1,600.

- Specializes in application development, cloud computing, digital platform development, and system analysis and integration.

HITACHI VANTARA (formerly Global CyberSoft)


Hitachi Vantara Vietnam is a leading provider of information technology services and solutions in Vietnam, established in 2000. Hitachi Vantara's partner clients span across many countries worldwide, with a particular emphasis on Fortune 500 companies.

Hitachi Vantara fosters a professional and innovative work environment with a strong focus on human development, providing young talents with opportunities for professional skill development and career advancement.

Furthermore, Hitachi Vantara offers competitive compensation packages. Employees receive allowances for degrees and language certifications, such as English and Japanese certifications. They also receive commuting and meal allowances, substantial project-based bonuses, year-end bonuses (in addition to the 13th-month bonus), annual trips, and international insurance packages for employees and their families.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: United States.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: Helios Building, Quang Trung Software Park, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12.

- Number of Employees: 1,200.

- Specializes in providing leading information technology solutions and integrated system services to global clients in areas such as digital transformation, business management, software development, embedded systems, and management services.



KMS Technology was founded in 2009 and is a U.S.-owned company specializing in product development and software outsourcing.

Committed to investing in human development, KMS Technology supports and provides the best conditions for its employees. When working at KMS, programmers have the opportunity to learn more about their professional skills by working with partners from large companies, as well as developing their strengths and capabilities.

KMS applies a common criterion of building an open, professional, and comfortable working environment for its employees. KMS does not create a monotonous workspace with rigid regulations. With flexible working hours, employees can work from home if they have health-related rights. KMS offers good welfare benefits, protects the rights of all employees, and provides a professional and modern work environment.

Additionally, they have programs designed to help people balance work and life, such as charity participation, blood donation, scholarship funds, etc.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: United States.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: 123 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh District.

- Number of Employees: 850.

- Specializes in mobile application development, continuous deployment, independent software testing, and DevOps process improvement.



Tek Experts is a leading global company that provides IT business support services and also develops customer support technology. It has offices in six countries worldwide.

Tek Experts entered the Vietnam market in 2013, starting with challenging work that required the assistance of foreign experts. Now, the company has expanded its workforce to over 700 professionals who provide technical solutions and specialized support services to partners.

In addition to focusing on creating a friendly and comfortable working environment, Tek Experts is known for investing in talent development to build a sustainable business. They especially emphasize training programs and training to help employees advance in their careers. All confident candidates with a desire to learn, English language skills, and a passion for IT are welcomed and have the opportunity to work at Tek Experts.

Tek Experts continuously provides employees with the most attractive welfare policies, especially a high, performance-based salary package, continuous promotion opportunities, opportunities to work and learn from the world's leading IT partners, and numerous annual special events.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Bulgaria.

- Hanoi Office: 16th Floor Lotte Center, 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh District.

- Hanoi Office: 22nd Floor TNR Building, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Dong Da District.

- Number of Employees: 700.

- Specializes in providing leading information technology solutions and integrated system services to global clients in areas such as digital transformation, business management, software development, embedded systems, and management services.



The decision to establish ELCA Vietnam was a breakthrough decision by the ELCA Group. ELCA is considered the largest independent software development company in Switzerland in the field of information technology consulting, specializing in providing software solutions, system integration, and application maintenance.

In Vietnam, ELCA develops software production based on an offshore model. The company has a team of IT professionals with the aim of creating perfect solutions in advanced technology.

In 1998, ELCA was one of the first foreign-owned software companies to open an office in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, the company emphasizes creating opportunities for employees to share their aspirations and to shift jobs to develop specialization. ELCA provides training courses and training to help members continuously improve their professional skills. Moreover, ELCA allows employees to learn and take professional certifications that meet international standards.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Switzerland.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: N1 Road, Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District.

- Number of Employees: 250.

- Specializes in providing software solutions, IT consulting, system integration, and application maintenance.



Netcompany is one of the most renowned IT companies in Northern Europe. With consultants and technology developers who are among the best in the world, Netcompany has assembled a dedicated and highly skilled team. 

In addition to supporting the success of their clients, the company is committed to fostering the talent of each employee through the best career development pathways and the most valuable talent development models in the market.

The working environment at Netcompany is dynamic and professional, offering opportunities to learn from international experts and build valuable relationships. Here, you have the chance to engage in some of the world's largest, most complex, and innovative IT projects and solutions for highly reputable organizations.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Denmark.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: 26 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh.

- Number of employees: 200.

Netcompany specializes in providing critical strategic tools for businesses, driving the transformation of conventional processes through digital platforms, and optimizing the performance of core systems and infrastructure services.



Fram^ is a technology development conglomerate based in Sweden, specializing in supporting Scandinavian and Northern European companies in leveraging the talent and strength of Vietnamese developers and other talents in the online industry.

Fram^'s mission is to help young businesses establish tightly run operations to enable them to become market leaders. Fram^ distinguishes itself through its company culture, believing that creating great products requires working in an inspirational environment.

Established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2013, Fram^ engages primarily in IT Engineering & Venture Building. As a member of Fram^, you have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative European companies and the latest technologies. You will also gain diverse knowledge and cultural experiences and develop rapidly in a company environment that values freedom and responsibility without hierarchies.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Sweden.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: 180-192 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1.

- Number of employees: 150.

Fram^ specializes in providing IT services and building digital consumer brand services.



Orient Software Development Corp was established in 2005 as a software and web development company that primarily caters to international markets.

Orient Software provides advanced and practical solutions for clients, offering advantages that help them succeed over their competitors. Currently, the company's clients are mainly from larger countries, including the United States, Australia, and Europe.

With nearly a decade of professional experience, Orient's team of over 100 skilled and experienced experts collaborates to provide software development solutions to businesses of various sizes worldwide. The company strives for a working environment that frequently offers feedback to support and challenge employees in an efficient and productive setting.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Vietnam.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: 5th Floor, Etown 1 Building, 364 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh.

- Da Nang Office: 11th Floor, PGT Building, 220 Nguyen Huu Tho, Hai Chau District.

- Number of employees: Over 100.

Orient Software specializes in software and application development, software testing services, and software interface design consulting for applications.



Axon Active is a pioneering offshore software development company headquartered in Switzerland. It has been present in Vietnam since 2008, with its first office located in Ho Chi Minh City, and has continuously expanded, including offices in the United States. This expansion offers software engineers in Vietnam the opportunity to work with major global clients.

With a dynamic and professional work environment, Axon Active provides numerous challenges and exciting opportunities for its employees. Ideas and efforts are consistently recognized, allowing employees to develop, seek inspiration, and find joy in their work.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Switzerland.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: Hai Au Building - 10th Floor, 39B Truong Son, Tan Binh District.

- Da Nang Office: 13th Floor, PVcomBank Building, 214 30/4 Street, Hai Chau District.

- Can Tho Office: 3rd Floor, Toyota Ninh Kieu Building, 57-59A Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, Ninh Kieu.

- Specializes in developing software for BI, ERP, network relationships, GIS, risk management systems, and mobile device applications.



Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company with over 275,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

As a Fortune Global 500 company, Accenture was founded in Dublin, Ireland on September 1, 2009. The company's current client base includes 94 of the Fortune Global 100 companies and over three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500.

Accenture focuses on creating a professional and dynamic work environment that aims to provide opportunities for employees to learn and advance in their careers.

Company Overview:

- Headquarters: Ireland.

- Ho Chi Minh City Office: Me Linh Point Building, 2 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1.

- Specializes in management consulting, technology services, and software outsourcing.

Today, there is a growing demand for human resources in various companies. With the strong development and constant innovation in the market, choosing the right outsourcing company is essential. It is hoped that the information about these outsourcing companies will be helpful to businesses in making informed decisions.

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