What is ASM? 5 necessary skills ASM should have

Have you ever wondered, "What is ASM?" If you're curious about the role of an Area Sales Manager and the skills required to excel in this crucial position, you've come to the right place. 

In this article, Recruitery will delve into the world of ASM, exploring its responsibilities, functions, missions, and the essential skills needed for success in this dynamic field. Whether you're aspiring to become an ASM or simply want to understand this vital role better, read on to uncover the key insights and knowledge you need.

What is ASM?

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ASM (Area Sales Manager) is an important position in the company. Source: TalentLyft

"What is ASM?" ASM stands for Area Sales Manager, signifying sales area management. This is a pivotal position within companies, especially those with numerous branches, agents, or distributors in specific regions.

An ASM is responsible for managing, operating, and developing sales activities in their designated area, ensuring the achievement of sales, profit, and market share targets.

Work of ASM

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ASM is responsible for many different jobs. Source: Roxell

Next, Recruitery will provide you with information about the work of an ASM. It includes the following main responsibilities:

  • Create a sales plan for the managed area, including setting goals, strategies, budgets, personnel, and specific activities.
  • Implement and monitor the sales plans, control and evaluate the effectiveness of regional sales activities, and resolve issues that arise during implementation.
  • Manage, guide, and train regional sales staff, creating conditions for employees to develop their capabilities and enhance work performance.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders in the region, while seeking and exploiting new business opportunities.
  • Collect, analyze, and synthesize market information, competition, and customer needs in the region, and propose solutions to improve products, services, and sales policies.

Functions of ASM

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ASM has many different functions within the company. Source: MISA AMIS MISA.VN

To understand the functions of an ASM, Recruitery invites you to refer to this section. The function of an ASM is to demonstrate the roles and responsibilities of an ASM within the organization. ASM functions can be distinguished into two types: professional functions and management functions.

An ASM's professional function involves tasks related to the sales activities of the managed area, as mentioned earlier.

An ASM's management function encompasses operating and directing the region's sales staff, including:

  • Planning, assigning, and checking work for employees.
  • Evaluating, rewarding, and addressing employee issues and complaints.
  • Organizing, operating, and controlling meetings, reports, and communications within the region.
  • Creating conditions for employees to study, practice, and develop professionally.

Mission of ASM

Next, we will explore the mission of "What is ASM?" ASM's missions are specific goals that an ASM needs to accomplish within a specified time frame. These goals are often determined based on sales, profit, and market share targets of the area they manage.

ASM missions can be categorized into two types: short-term missions and long-term missions.

  • Short-term missions are goals that need to be achieved in a month, a quarter, or a year. 

For example, achieving sales of 100 billion VND in the first quarter or increasing market share from 15% to 20% in 2023.

  • Long-term missions are goals that need to be achieved over a longer period, typically 3 to 5 years. 

For example, becoming a leading supplier in the XYZ field or building a reputable and trustworthy brand in the region.

Skills Needed to Become an ASM

In addition, you also need to understand the necessary skills when working as an ASM:

1. Scientific Thinking and Planning Skills

  • Scientific Thinking: The ability to analyze, synthesize, and make decisions based on data, evidence, and logical reasoning.
  • Planning Skills: The ability to set goals, strategies, budgets, personnel, and specific activities to implement sales plans for the managed area.

2. Analytical and Synthesis Skills

  • The ability to collect, process, and present market information, competition, and customer needs in the region.
  • The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of regional sales activities, identify and resolve problems that arise during implementation.

3. Leadership Skills

  • The ability to manage and direct regional sales staff.
  • The ability to motivate, engage, and develop regional sales staff.

4. Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Effective communication with customers, partners, and stakeholders in the region.
  • Clear and convincing communication of information, opinions, and solutions related to regional sales activities.

5. Business Acumen

  • The ability to find and exploit new business opportunities in the region.
  • Creativity and flexibility in applying solutions to improve products, services, and sales policies to suit the market and customers.

Salary of ASM 

An ASM's salary depends on various factors such as experience, skills, industry, business, and work area. The average salary for an Area Sales Manager in Singapore is S$76,474 per year in 2023, according to PayScale. However, the salary may be higher or lower depending on work performance and other bonuses and allowances.


In conclusion, understanding "What is ASM" goes beyond a simple acronym. It delves into the multifaceted role of an Area Sales Manager, a position of vital importance within businesses, particularly those with extensive regional operations. An ASM's responsibilities encompass strategic planning, team management, and fostering relationships to drive sales growth and meet targets.

As you explore the realm of "What is ASM," it becomes evident that this role demands dedication and proficiency in various areas. Recruitery hopes that this article is helpful to you.


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