Ideal Professions for Women: Career Paths Guide

In today's modern era, women have a plethora of opportunities to develop their careers and themselves. Therefore, women have a right to choose their favorite professions.

Recruitery will provide valuable insights to show: what professions should girls learn? How to help girls choose the right profession that aligns with their interests and skills? Discover the ideal career options for women in various industries.

Office Work

If you are a woman who enjoys working in a professional setting, possesses strong organizational and time management skills, consider the following office-based professions:


Accountant at work

Accounting is a timeless profession in high demand. Whether you work for a company, business, or run your own accounting service, accountants play a crucial role in monitoring financial activities, preparing financial reports, and handling tax-related tasks. Accountant salaries are stable and can increase with experience and qualifications.


Teaching is a highly fulfilling profession well-suited for women. If you're considering a career for your daughter, becoming a preschool, elementary, or middle school teacher is an excellent choice. Teachers’ responsibilities are: 

  • Preparing lessons, grade papers

  • Organizing extracurricular activities

  • Supporting student development

Salaries vary based on the educational institution and location.


Writing is a creative and flexible profession. If you have excellent writing skills and can engage readers effectively, you can explore careers as a journalist, editor, blogger, or content writer. Writers research, write articles, edit, and publish content across different media channels. Earnings depend on the quantity, quality of work, and the popularity of the media platform.

Office Staff

Office staff positions offer a diverse range of roles popular among women. If you have communication, presentation, and computer skills, you can work as an administrative staff, receptionist, salesperson, or consultant. Office staff support various management, administrative, and customer-related tasks. Salaries vary by role, experience, and company.

Specialized IT Careers for Women

While IT might not be the first choice when considering career options for women, the industry has evolved significantly in the digital age. Explore the following IT roles:

Web Designer

Web designer designing a website

Web design combines creativity and technical skills. If you possess graphic design abilities and can use web design tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, consider a career as a web designer. Web designers create user-friendly website interfaces, layouts, colors, fonts, and other elements. Salaries are competitive, and you can work freelance or on project-based contracts.

Database Administrator

With a degree in information technology or experience in database management systems (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL), you can become a database administrator. Responsibilities include establishing, updating, backing up, restoring, and optimizing databases for safety and performance. Database administrators earn competitive salaries and can work across various industries.

Database Developer

Database developers design and develop databases for applications or systems. To pursue this career, you need to understand languages like SQL, PL/SQL, and Java. Responsibilities include analyzing customer requirements, designing data models, and writing query statements, stored procedures, functions, and triggers. Database developers enjoy high earning potential and diverse job opportunities.

QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)

QA/QC professionals test and ensure the quality of software products. Skills in testing methods, testing tools like Selenium, JMeter, Postman, as well as communication and report writing are essential for this role.

Specialized Marketing Careers for Women

meeting of marketing team

If you're wondering which major to choose, especially for an active girl, marketing offers numerous exciting opportunities:

Work in Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies provide services to diverse clients. Positions in agencies include planners, copywriters, content creators, designers, and account managers. These roles involve market analysis, strategy development, content creation, and project management.

Work in Client Companies

Client companies require marketing professionals to promote their products or services. Roles include marketing staff/assistant, market research specialist, and PR staff. These positions involve various marketing activities, data analysis, and relationship building.

Degree-Free Professions for Women

For those without a degree or those seeking non-traditional career paths, consider these options:

Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry is a meticulous, creative profession with career options including: 

  • Freelance makeup artist

  • Bridal makeup artist

  • Makeup artist for models and actors

Incomes vary based on skills and specialization.


Baking offers opportunities to work in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, or start your own bakery. The art of baking not only brings joy but also offers high income potential based on the scale of your operation.


Chefs prepare dishes for restaurants, bars, and hotels. Specializing in various cuisines, chefs enjoy a growing culinary market in Vietnam. Women can excel in this profession due to their skillfulness, creativity, and aesthetic sense.

Spa Staff

Spa staff provide beauty and health services such as massages, facials, and manicures at spas, salons, or as freelancers. Job opportunities are abundant in this growing industry, and a university degree is not required.

The modern era offers an abundance of career choices for women, each tailored to individual interests and skills. From office-based professions like accounting and teaching to specialized IT roles and dynamic marketing careers, there are opportunities galore. Furthermore, for those without degrees, the beauty of careers like makeup artistry, baking, and spa services allows for creativity and financial success. 

The key lies in identifying your passions and strengths, as women today have the freedom to decide what professions girls should learn. If you are finding a job opportunity, let's check out a list of jobs at Recruitery.