Why are overseas PR media jobs suitable for international students?

As more and more companies seek business growth through overseas business, many problems also arise. 

These problems are relatively tricky for a domestic company with overseas business, and this is when overseas PR media positions that specialize in solving these problems naturally emerge.

This includes overseas brand PR positions, as well as overseas advertising media positions, and the international student group is also the most suitable candidate for these positions, and recruiters are also more willing to recruit candidates with overseas study experience to engage in these positions. 

This article will explain the advantages of international students when applying for overseas media PR positions from the following aspects.

Foreign Language Skills

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Mastering the main language of the local area is an essential part of life and study for international students. But for many overseas companies, it is difficult to expand and maintain the overseas image of the brand, and the reason is that the first challenge faced when starting work is the language barrier. 

Whether it is PR maintenance, channel expansion, or delivery conversion, these tasks in overseas markets are likely to require the use of the local language, and the language difficulty needs to be regarded as a working language. The foreign language here is not only English, but also some common minor languages, such as Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, etc.

For example, when expanding overseas channels, communication requires the use of foreign languages to communicate with the other party, and writing press releases also requires foreign languages. 

Overseas PR Positions

As an overseas PR position, it requires a very strong foreign language ability, because every word you say represents the company, and every word you write needs to be clearly stated. If there is misleading communication due to language, it will only affect the company’s brand image. For example, the following overseas PR specialist position of Ebsen expresses the language ability requirements for overseas PR positions.

For international students, frequent presentations and essays have developed good communication and writing skills, and when doing actual brand PR work, both communication and writing press releases and other work will be more familiar and handy.

Overseas Advertising Media

For overseas advertising media positions, the requirements for foreign language skills are also very high. Most of the overseas mainstream platforms (such as Facebook, Google, etc.) have cooperation rules, delivery requirements, channel negotiations, etc. that require the use of foreign languages.

Good foreign language skills can make advertising delivery work easier, improve work efficiency, and avoid work deviations caused by language understanding barriers, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of advertising delivery, thereby ensuring brand effectiveness. 

For international students who have lived abroad for a long time, they are relatively familiar with overseas communication, and have more advantages in foreign language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and have real practical ability. 

Therefore, for the recruiters, under the premise of not considering other factors, the foreign language ability of international students is relatively guaranteed. When the company’s training and assessment costs are limited, the overseas market marketing position naturally tends to recruit international students who already have a certain foreign language ability.

Importance Knowing the Overseas Market

group of employees discussing work in other countries

For recruiters, language ability is an indispensable ability in overseas work, but more importantly, how to make the business and brand stand firm in a relatively unfamiliar market faster. Many times, when a brand enters a new region, especially when the cultural differences are relatively large, it is relatively difficult to start work, and there is no way to start is often the real problem.

Then a person who is relatively familiar with the overseas market can sort out the work process faster than others, find the direction of advancement, and work more efficiently and correctly. Therefore, in many cases, understanding the overseas culture is also the potential ability that recruiters value most in overseas PR media positions. 

Therefore, if the person who is engaged in market work has had contact with overseas users, lived in the same community, or has some resources in the overseas market, then he can better carry out market marketing work.

For recruiters, the uncertain overseas market needs a relatively familiar person to be responsible, and then international students who have lived, studied, and worked abroad have become the best candidates. 

For example, for overseas PR positions, how to cooperate with people from different backgrounds, how to persuade local companies to cooperate with you, and expand new overseas channels, etc., are actually things that overseas market PR positions need to be responsible for. The following overseas PR position of Blue Label actually basically explains the importance of understanding overseas in the position.

For overseas media delivery positions, understanding overseas culture is also very important. To make the brand more exposed in overseas markets and more accurate conversion, it is necessary to understand the types of overseas media and the attributes of users. 

For international students who have lived abroad for a period of time, they are firstly more familiar with some overseas mainstream social media, and there is no unfamiliarity with the use. At the same time, they also understand some relatively niche media channels, and have a better sensitivity to some overseas popular trends, which is conducive to channel expansion and more accurate delivery. 

The multicultural exchange during the study abroad period allows international students to be more familiar with the communication methods and work styles of local people when they are engaged in PR and negotiation work, and also avoid some potential taboo risks. 

International students are influenced by overseas culture in the process of living abroad, and they understand the preferences of users more and know what users like. Compared with candidates who have never been abroad, international students can often look at problems from different perspectives, collect data more efficiently, and make more scientific and reasonable judgments based on their own understanding, thereby ensuring that the market work is on a correct track.

In Summary

Overseas PR media positions are very challenging positions, mainly because they require practitioners to have a certain foreign language ability and a certain understanding of the local cultural background. 

As an international student, whether it is foreign language ability or understanding of overseas market conditions, they have relative advantages compared to domestic candidates, so for recruiters, they naturally tend to find international students to engage in such positions. 

Similarly, for international students who want to engage in PR media positions, but have no relevant work experience, overseas PR media positions are relatively familiar and easy to get started, and are also relatively easier to achieve excellent performance in this field.