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AEM Developer

Developer MySQL Apache Spring Java Oracle JSP UI / UX Adobe InDesign Web Development Cloud

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Up to $2,500
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13th month salary 13th month salary
Extra health insurance Extra health insurance
Performance bonus Performance bonus
Full social insurance Full social insurance

Job Overview And Responsibility

- Your role will involve global website development using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). - Develop, customize, and maintain AEM-based web applications and websites. - Create and manage web services using AEM and Java, including JSP, Spring Framework, and Spring Boot. - Configure web service environments with tools like Apache and Tomcat. - Work with databases like MySQL and Oracle for efficient data handling. - Set up and manage cloud-based infrastructures to ensure scalability and performance. - Collaborate to implement engaging UI/UX functionalities for superior user experiences.

Required Skills and Experience

- Minimum of 2 years practical experience in web application development or equivalent proficiency. - Proficiency in web service development using Adobe Experience Manager and Java (JSP, Spring Framework, Boot, etc.) with minimum 3-4 years in using AEM. - Familiarity with configuring environments for web services (Apache, Tomcat, etc.). - Knowledge of databases such as MySQL or Oracle. - Experience in setting up cloud-based infrastructures. - Skill in implementing UI/UX functionalities.

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Attractive salary package + KPI bonus - Tet bonus, 13th month salary bonus, lunch allowance, business trip allowance, motorbike parking. - Full salary insurance coverage as per labor law regulations (social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance). - Comprehensive health insurance package provided by MIC. - Access to annual professional and soft skills training tailored to individual and team requirements. - Engage in diverse projects with a clear career path and ample promotion opportunities. - Training programs plus annual overseas travel opportunities for outstanding employees. - Biannual salary review. - Thrive in a youthful, dynamic, and professional environment, working in a modern office equipped with a complimentary tea bar for employees