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Quantitative Trader (Full-time remote)

Recruitery Pause

Researcher Trading Quantitative Research Investment Research Quantitative Reports

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Vietnam, India
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1 persons


Performance bonus Performance bonus
Flexible working time Flexible working time
Work-from-home policy Work-from-home policy

Job Overview And Responsibility

Job Description Aargo is looking to add an outstanding Quantitative Trader to one of our quantitative trading teams. Quantitative Traders collaborate extensively with quantitative researchers and quantitative developers to create, build, and run systematic trading strategies. Our quantitative developers use their mathematics, data science, and analytical skills to analyze market data for finding patterns and build novel quantitative trading strategies. They also execute strategies during market hours and fine tune parameters to improve strategy performance. The candidate can expect exposure to a wide range of interesting and challenging problems involving financial market, statistical modeling, machine learning, deep learning, and computational finance.

Required Skills and Experience

- At least 3 years of experience in quant trading with a good trading log or history (NFT, non-NFT or equity etc.) - Have a good portfolio in trading in Vietnam, Hongkong and Asia market in general - Deep understanding of financial markets and market micro-structure - Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills and strong track record of using creativity to come up new HFT/MFT trading strategies - Hands on knowledge in applying statistical and machine learning methods to financial data using Python/R - Comfortable taking ownership of projects and responsibilities with minimum supervision - At least a bachelors degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science or other quantitative discipline - Fluent in English

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Flexible working time - Performance bonus or incentive up to discussion

Job Q&A

I have shared one CV please check

Ứng viên sinh năm 2002, nhưng có 1,5 năm kinh nghiệm, he has a srrong background in making MFT strategies, has submitted over 300 alphas on Alphagrep. Can i refer him?

Sorry, this position needs at least 3 years of experience

Yes i will but i am sure that the Recruitery will reject his cv bcz of less experience in screening round.

You can still refer him and our team will have a check on it

Hello Team, I have one candidate but he is having 1 year of professional experience but he have experience of 4+ years in trading and according to JD he have all the required skills and have very good knowledge about this position. I might think if you will share his CV to HR he will get selected but on low package. Can you please tell me if i can refer him or not and if yes what would be the salary you will offer?

Hi Sharma, you can refer him on our platform and our team will check on candidate profile

Can i refer indian candidate for this?

Hello, when it will be resume again?

This position is still in pausing status. We will get back to you soon if there is any news from the company

Have a good portfolio in trading in both Vietnam and Hongkong or either of them is still acceptable ?

either of them is acceptable

Can open for candidate from other country with good experience?

can be considered if candidates have excellent trading history in Vietnam, Hongkong and Asia market

is it a must for the candidate to give his trading log? We know in this field, it's important to keep logs & strats secured. Please advise, thanks

Yes, during the interview candidates only need to share at least results of trading

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