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Data Scientist

Data Analyst Pytorch Critical Thinking Tensorflow Communications Data Science Statistics C++ Programming Logical Thinking Python

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Icon salary Gaji kotor bulanan
Up to $2.500
Icon Location Lokasi
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1 persons


13th month salary 13th month salary
14 months salary a year
Others Others
Opportunity to receive Stock Option
Salary review Salary review
Travel/company trips Travel/company trips
Laptop/desktop for works Laptop/desktop for works
Free lunch and Snacks Free lunch and Snacks
Extra health insurance Extra health insurance
Full social insurance Full social insurance

Gambaran besar dan Tanggung jawab pekerjaan

About us: Asilla is a pioneering start-up in artificial intelligence, focusing on behavior recognition technology. After more than 7 years of establishment and development, Asilla has taken specific steps, accompanied more than 20 major customers in Japan to create future technology solutions, and is still continuing to expand its business into the Vietnam and Southeast Asia market. In addition, the company also built its own products, applying AI behavior recognition in the field of security. With the goal of IPO in 2024, Asilla is looking forward to engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to develop and challenge themselves in a dynamic international environment. Join us to become a key member of Asilla today! Job description: We are participating in the Asilla Product team and helping to build AI projects based on analysis. Our product is being used by many customers and getting big logs and data. Based on these data we need to find the risk & issue and propose the solution to the product team. Specifically: ➢ Analyze issues and risks from the current product and quantify it ➢ Analyze the data from a variety of perspectives ➢ Give some ideas based on the analysis to improve the accuracy of the product ➢ Report the analysis with an understandable slide

Keahlian dan pengalaman yang dibutuhkan

➢ University degree in Computer Science, Data Science, IT, or equivalent ➢ At least 3 years of experience working as a Data Scientist or AI engineer position ➢ Having a strong background in statistics (At least confident in mathematics) ➢ Proficient with frameworks: Pytorch, TensorFlow ➢ Having good knowledge and experience about MLOps ➢ Proficient in Python, C/C++ programming languages ➢ Good logical & critical thinking skills, hard-working and responsible at work. ➢ Effective communication skills.

Mengapa kandidat disarakan untuk posisi ini

➢ 14 months' salary a year ➢ Opportunity to receive Stock Option. ➢ To fully participate in the regimes prescribed by the State such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and annual leave. ➢ Be trained and work directly with experienced experts in the field of AI. ➢ Have the opportunity to do challenging things, develop your full potential ➢ Participate in team building sessions, have fun monthly with the Company; ➢ Enjoy full benefits (Happiness, birthday...); ➢ Young, comfortable working environment, dynamic startup spirit.

Job Q&A

Hi, is this position still open?

Yes. We still open

The candidate have to deal with some family issues in this weekend so can he extend the deadline for the test

Please leave your message to company under your candidate's referral in the app.

cho mình hỏi, job có open remote ko ?

No, this is an onsite role

Có open co expat không hen (có hỗ trợ Visa), nếu như uv đồng ý với range lương

Vị trí hiện tại chưa open cho expat bạn nha

Hi team, mình có thêm 1 uv khác, current hiện tại ở mức 70mil gross. Tuy nhiên JD khá matching nên uv đang cân nhắc, công ty có open range lương hơn mức current này hông nhỉ?

70 thì over budget của bên mình cho vị trí này rồi nên bên mình không process case này nhé

Hi team, team có open cho uv lv senior và expect mức lương khoản 3k hông ạ?

Công ty có thể cân nhắc nếu ứng viên thật sự strong bạn nhé

Công ty cos nhận middle tù 2 năm không ạ

Ứng viên ít kinh nghiệm hơn có thể cân nhắc cho vị trí thấp hơn bạn nhé

cho mình hỏi job có thể làm hybird được không ạ ?

This role does not have WFH policy

Có cân nhắc cho uv kn từ 2 năm k, cứng technical?

Ứng viên ít kinh nghiệm hơn có thể cân nhắc cho vị trí thấp hơn vị trí này bạn nhe

Dạ cho em hỏi job này có hỗ trợ PV online không ạ? UV ở HCM muốn relocate ra HN ạ.

Công ty có hỗ trợ PV online. Nếu trúng tuyển yêu cầu UV onboard trực tiếp tại văn phòng HN.

Job có mở rộng sang ứng viên remote không ạ?

Không bạn nhé

Có cần tiếng anh thành thạo k b? JD k thấy ghi nhưng khi pv lại ghi có cả tiếng anh

Tất cả các vị trí của Asilla đều cần tiếng Anh nhé

job này ko phải làm bài test ạ

Đúng rồi bạn nha, job này không làm test nhé

Job có thể làm remote không ạ?

Không nha bạn ơi, vị trí này cần ứng viên làm trực tiếp tại văn phòng nhé

Job có mở rộng lương lên đến 3k k à?

công ty có thể cân nhắc đối với ứng viên nào thật strong bạn nhé, recruiter hỗ trợ thêm job này tới ứng viên nhé

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