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Game Server Developer

Game Developer Server Linux C++ Games Network Programming

Icon company Perusahaan

Golfzon Vietnam

Icon salary Gaji kotor bulanan
1.800 - $2.500
Icon Location Lokasi
Icon Vacancies Total Lowongan
2 persons


13th month salary 13th month salary
Extra health insurance Extra health insurance
Free lunch and Snacks Free lunch and Snacks
Travel/company trips Travel/company trips
Salary review Salary review
Full social insurance Full social insurance
Flexible working time Flexible working time

Gambaran besar dan Tanggung jawab pekerjaan

Introduction: - Golfzon VINA is a branch of Golfzon Korea, leading the convergence of golf, technology and culture. - Our mission is to make golf more enjoyable for everyone. At GOLFZON, we’re growing the popularity of golf through our products, services and technology. - Now we are seeking talents for a new R&D Branch of Golfzon in Vietnam. We welcome you all to join us and contribute to the innovation of product - Golf 3D Simulator, and also experience & enjoy our golf culture where you can PLAY DIFFERENCE. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES We are looking for Game Server Developers who possess a passion for pushing Golf simulator technologies to the limits. Game Server developers will work with our team of talented engineers to design and build the next generation of our Golf Simulators. Responsibilities Global Goflzon’s Golf Simulator server development, maintenance and operation, project participation, and project performance management in cooperation. For details: - Develop Game server link with Golf simulator (client) - Process authentication when running client or process user login authentication - Develop communication server for remote competition among clients - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features - Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency - Other related tasks required by Director

Keahlian dan pengalaman yang dibutuhkan

- A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject - At least 03 years of experience in server development - 03 years of experience in C++(must), C/ C# - Proficiency of Windows/ Linux Programming - Multi-thread programming - Understand and be able to use data structure and algorithm

Mengapa kandidat disarakan untuk posisi ini

- Mandatory Insurance as Labor Law Regulations - Salary review once per year - 13-month salary - Annual bonus - Annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, as follow Labor Law - 05 days paid sick leave & special leaves - Monthly Family Day off-work (Friday of salary-pay week) - Refresh Day/ Picnic Day (once per year) - Vacation Day/ Company Trip (once per year) - Golf Lesson - Learning & Development budget: $300 gross/person/ year - Premium Healthcare Insurance (PTI) - Periodical Health Examination (yearly) - Happy time (first Friday of month) - Overtime support meal - Others: Gifts for Birth delivery, wedding, funeral, Women’s Day, Mid-autumn, Tet giftset.

Job Q&A

Vẫn còn tuyển chứ ạ ?

This role is still open

ứng viên có kinh nghiệm lead team, có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm và kĩ năng khá tốt thì có thể xem xét về mức lương cao hơn mức hiện tại là 2100 không ạ

được bạn nhé!

Pvan vs team Hàn thì pvan tiếng anh hay tiếng việt ạ? Vì mình thấy TA đọc viết tốt là đc

Basic English is ok as there will be a translator in the interview with the Korean team

uv ko có project cá nhân nên ko show được github thì có cách gì khác ko ạ

Bên mình yêu cầu ứng viên cần phải có source code project để đánh giá về side tech. Nếu ứng viên ko cung cấp đc thì rất tiếc bên mình ko proceed phỏng vấn đc bạn ạ

vị trí này cần tiếng anh giao tiếp ko nhỉ ? hay đọc viết tốt là dc ?

Vị trí này ứng viên có tiếng Anh đọc viết tốt là được nha

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