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Senior Back-end Engineer

Backend Golang


35,000,000 VNĐ /Candidate
Icon star 350,000 VNĐ /interview
Icon company Company

Sky Mavis

Icon salary Salary
1,500 - 3,500 $
Icon Location Location
Ho Chi Minh
Icon Vacancies Vacancies
2 persons

Job Overview And Responsibility

1. Our Mission - Games with real, player-owned economies will become places where we live, work, and play. Gamers will be the first settlers of these new digital nations. - We're nation builders: we build both the virtual worlds of the future and the infrastructure that makes them possible. - We're best known for Axie Infinity— a virtual world full of fierce, adorable pets called Axies. Axies can be battled, collected, and even used to earn an income. - On the surface Axie might seem similar to Pokemon, Tamogochi, or even animal crossing; the difference is that the markets for in-game resources are open and controlled by players. - As part of our journey, we’ve built the tech stack to allow developers to infuse their games with Blockchain technology. Our in-house game item marketplace has processed millions of dollars in transactions including the largest game item sale of all time. In addition to Axie, we’re currently working on a wallet, a scalability solution called Ronin, and a Blockchain gaming store. 2. Your Mission - Our Backend Engineers are responsible for building scalable systems that enable our products to operate and scale to potentially millions of users. - We are operating at the bleeding of blockchain technology, so many of your prerogatives may be experiments that never conducted before. You'll need to be bright, nimble, and willing to innovate to succeed in this role. 3. Your Day to Day - Responsible for delivering our core platform architecture. - Solving difficult problems around data-intensive and complex data flow systems. - Building highly scalable and dynamic game and web servers that can withstand massive user traffic. - Finding elegant ways to incorporate state-of-the-art solutions from our research initiatives into our products.

Required Skills and Experience

- 4+ years experience in at least one modern backend language (We're using Go + Rust for Back-end). - You write secure, efficient, and elegant code. - You learn quickly and adapt to new principles and ideas. - You're a team player and can work closely with the rest of our team.

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Learn from the best: + Member of Binance's (the largest crypto exchange) prestigious launchpad program. + Graduated from top universities, including Yale and NTU (Singapore). + Has a top competitive programming background: IOI 2010, ACM-ICPC World Final 2014, 2015.+ + Co-founders of successful companies such as Lozi. + Previous experience at Google, Uber, PayPal, Garena, and Anduin Transactions. + Backed by top investors - A fast-paced and dynamic working environment. - Exposure to bleeding edge technology. - Competitive salary. - Medical insurance. - Company trips and bonding activities.

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