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Bridge System Engineer


Data Analyst Japanese Computer Science Software Engineering

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Ha Noi
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1 persons

Job Overview And Responsibility

- You will work as a Japanese Bridge Software Engineering to communicate directly with customer and to transfer requirement to offshore team. - Manage project progress, report progress to customer and direct managers (in Japanese) - Manage project team and respond for all aspects of project such as quality, schedule and cost - Understand project properly and correctly to ensure a smooth project communication - Work directly with Japanese client to clarify requirement - Make estimation and/or proposal document in Japanese - Opportunities to work onsite oversea (Japanese level above or equivalent to N2) - Opportunities to work with the most brand-new technologies

Required Skills and Experience

- Bachelor degree or up majoring in software engineer, computer sience. - Capability of communicating in Japanese at working level. - Prefer to have Japanese level equivalent to N2 (or above) certificate. - Experience in working with Japanese customer - Be able to read technical documents in Japanese and English - Be able to create Japanese documents/reports - Familiar with working style of Japanese customer - Be able to handle tasks individually or in big team size. - Be able to manage team size of above 10 people

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