Offer Salary: 1,300 $ to Negotiable
Working Location: Ho Chi Minh
Levels: Team Leader
Number of vacancies: -29 vacancies

Job Overview and Responsibility

We are looking for the core team member/co-founder as Business Development. - Be a good-tempered, optimistic, traditional yet visionary hard-worker (like the Rapbank founder). (Business Development) - Serve as a key member of the Business Development team to define the current payment landscape, strategize and execute top business development, partnership opportunities; - Leverage Rapbank’s business development network and generate new leads as required; - Develop a business development plan focused on growing the business through partnerships; - Actively identify prospects/partners across various industries to engage by effectively developing and communicating a clear Rapbank value proposition to the partner’s business; - Drive deals end-to-end from closure to execution and maintain key relationships at senior levels of small/medium/large banks; - Support the partnership process from building relationships to developing, negotiating and securing contracts.

Required Skills and Experience

- Passion and/or significant interest in financial inclusion/banking. - Experienced working on internet technology product company, from E-commerce or Fintech or Banking. - Experience working at startups, demonstrated success navigating fast pace and rapidly changing environments. - Strong communication skills you should be able to articulate your opinions confidently and with support - Excellent leadership skills and ability to build strong relationships across distinct stakeholders (Business Development) - Understanding of lending and payments space - Have experience in Business development or developing strategic partnerships for payment, card or e-banking operations, in banks or e-payment firms. - Experience in driving and implementing the business project;

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Be involved in Rapbank - expected to be one of the leading e-banking and p2p lending products in Vietnam. - Work with leaders/colleagues who are experts in Banking. - Expand your network to heads of banks. - Leave days: 24 days/year - Insurance according to Vietnam laws - Exceptional talent will be matched with exceptional salary. - Competitive benefits package - Company trip - Free Grab to work 3 REASONS WHY YOU WILL LOVE RAPBANK: - Incredible, humane challenges - A great chance to impact millions of lives - Passionate & professional colleagues.

Prefer if candidate have

- Strong partnership network preferred.

Reporting to


Interviewing Process

Hiring Manager Interview, Assignment, BoD Interview


OTHER NOTICE: - Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM - 5:30PM - Lunch time: 12PM - 1PM - Working location: Tầng 7, 27 Phó Đức Chính, Quận 1, TP.HCM, Việt Nam. ABOUT RAPBANK Everyone’s bank. Committed to helping the low and middle-income people to easier access to financial services. --- 1. Scale + System: Our board of directors at Rapbank have great experience in the financial sector for 10+ years, holding important positions in major financial institutions in Vietnam. Strong financial potential among Fintech startups in Vietnam. It is expected that in 3 years, there is no need to call for capital. Currently available capital is about 5+ million USD. Be guided and information supported by the State Bank (Ngân hàng Nhà nước). The Rapbank platform is built on modern technology. The team of programmers has done many big projects in Australia, New Zealand, etc. 2. Business model: With the motto of bringing the Bank closer to all people in combination with the comprehensive financial education program. Rapbank is committed to helping the low and middle income people, who are the most financially vulnerable to easier access to financial services. 4. Captain Profile: - 20+ years experience in finance and banking. - Solid understanding of the market, especially P2P lending market in Vietnam - Solid knowledge and experience in debt trading. Who dares to dream, dares to do. Who can equip you with material, knowledge, spirit to work and get rich. Let’s join Rap. He is waiting for you. 5. Money: Finance has never been a problem of Rap until now and perhaps very long. Behind us are organizations and individuals working for a long time in the financial industry, holding important positions that can create influence and financial potential strong enough to accompany Rap for a long way. 6. Opportunity: Making money is not too difficult, but finding a real opportunity to create a name, building a foothold in this society is another matter. Don't worry, Rap has it. Do you want to take it? 7. Freedom: Rap does not bind you by space, time. Simple Rap, only counts on the result you deliver. That's it! 8. Family: Rapbank is together as a family. Today we are building Rap, which means we will continue to build Rap 1, Rap 2 ... You doubt that, please review articles 2 and 3. Our tech stacks Node.js, Reactive Native

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