Offer Salary: 5,000 $ to Negotiable
Working Location: Ho Chi Minh
Levels: C-Level
Number of vacancies: 1 vacancies

Job Overview and Responsibility

The CTO's primary job is to make sure the company's technology strategy serves its business strategy. Technology selection and technical design: Uiza core principle is a combination of a infrastructure-agnostic platform and a data science-based network and system controller plane, which was hidden behind a simplified API and SDK. The whole business strategy is creating a simple to use video API for developers but it coupled tightly with unlimited scalability with a much affordable cost especially in emerging markets that don’t have footprint of AWS or GCP. As a CTO, you will drive our technology stack to make sure our plan viable. Seeing the big picture (in graphic detail): You should be the person in the room who can keep everything your technology can and can't do in your head. That means knowing what's written and what's not, what the architecture can and can't support, and how long it would take to build something new. That's more than just drawing architecture diagrams, though. Being able to see the macro and micro matters most. Provide options and find 80/20: You never say "that's impossible" or "we'd never do that." Instead, you find options and can communicate them to everyone in the company. You will be the person in the room who can digest the needs of the new (proposed) business, and lay out the costs and effort of each possible approach. As a CTO, once you understood what the objective of their feature was for customers, you could see a way to get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the cost. Like, “We don’t need to build an entire new feature, this could be done by tweaking a current feature a bit.” Grow technical leaders: Designating some engineers as "Technical Leads" and delegating to them the work of guiding the technical direction of more and more projects. This is the only way to scale. By delegating and training, we create a corps of leaders who could step in to provide CTO-like services on demand. And by working together, we created a team whose whole was greater than the sum of its parts. Own the development methodology: You would be responsible for making sure the engineers wrote adequate specs, interfaced well with QA, and also run the scheduling "trains" for releases. At a minimum, the CTO and Tech Leads that have to be responsible for five why's-style root cause analysis of defects. Otherwise, how can we find out what our blind spots are and make sure the team and the architecture is adjusting?

Required Skills and Experience

- Previous working experience as CTO for early-stage tech startups, enterprise software, and the SaaS industry is preferred. - Previous working experience in video processing, video delivery, live-streaming at a global scale. - Hustler, we are early-stage startups, speed is our competitive advantages - In-depth knowledge about Linux Networking and how the Internet works at a planetary scale. When it comes to speed, each packet counts. - Strong experience with popular Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD. - In-depth understanding of DNS, RTMP, HTTP1/2, webRTC, TCP/UDP, QUIC protocol. - Strong experience with Kubernetes and container networking interface. - Strong experience working with major Cloud Providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Aliyun, etc …. - Strong experience working with major CDN Providers such as Cloudfront, Akamai, Stackpath, Cloudflare, Fastly…. - Strong in developing system & network program by one of these languages: Python, Golang, Rust or Java. - Have worked with orchestration language such as Ansible, Terraform.

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Ample opportunities to grow and build a great product which has global impact. You get to propose your own ideas and see it through. - Work with passionate, talented and driven colleagues who get things done. By the way, 80% of our people are engineers, we embrace a strong engineering-centric culture. - Challenging and exciting problems that await you to solve. - Great ESOP plan and perks. - Ho Chi Minh City is one of the Top 10 cities in the world for expat!

Reporting to


Interviewing Process

4 interview rounds: 2 interviews with founding team, 1 interview with Tech team, 1 culture-fit interview


Q&A về vị trí CTO Không tuyển theo last title, không theo brand name, chỉ cần đủ năng lực với những yêu cầu bắt buộc trên 1. Có giới hạn độ tuổi không? Dưới 45 tuổi là được 2. Có lưu ý đặc biệt gì về tính cách không? Quan trọng nhất là thẳng thắn 3. Tuyển mới hay thay thế? Tuyển mới 4. CTO quản lý bao nhiêu thành viên? Quản lý team developer khoảng 16 bạn, tầm 8x 9x 5. Product tới giai đoạn nào rồi? Tháng 3 vừa rồi đã chạy Beta. Giờ tập trung build core, tháng 10 tới sẽ chính thức launch product 6. Một bạn giỏi về tech mà từng làm ở công ty outsourcing thì có phù hợp không? Không, cần một bạn thực sự đã tự build 1 product nào đó 7. Yêu cầu trình độ tiếng anh như thế nào? Cần tiếng anh trôi chảy, tự tin giao tiếp vì Uiza có xu hướng tuyển người nước ngoài. Các đối tác cũng có người nước ngoài 8. Có yêu cầu kĩ năng leadership không? Rất cần, phải có 9. Stock option như thế nào? Sẽ tuỳ vào từng trường hợp để offer stock option 10. Có tuyển expat không? Có - Working time: 8:30AM - 5:30PM - Working location: 8th floor, 184 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh About Uiza The world is moving to video and streaming. Setting up a video streaming infrastructure is complex and expensive, while leveraging YouTube makes it harder to monetize, increase user engagement and capture user data. Uiza is like Stripe for Video, which is an API platform for video streaming that enables developers and companies to stream videos directly from their own app in a fast and cost-effective manner through a set of simple API's. The company has built a sophisticated video infrastructure using edge-based technology, which is currently used by over 250 apps, and serving viewers from over 100 countries. At Uiza, we believe that video will make a huge impact on the world that we are living in and shift it along with its technologies in a new direction. That is the reason why we carry a mission of making video streaming easier for developers by building the world’s first programmable Video Streaming Operating System that could become a de facto standard to power entire video economy. Uiza is committed to each Uizadian's (the way we call ourselves) growth, learning, development and entire employee experience. We restlessly promote growth mindset, innovation, transparency and commitment because we know that our vision is only achieved when our team members succeed. We want you and your ideas to thrive at Uiza. Come join us.

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