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Curriculum Managers

Teaching Skill English Communications Problem Solving


32,000,000 VNĐ /ứng viên
2,000 - 3,000 $
Ho Chi Minh
1 persons

Job Overview And Responsibility

Curriculum Managers are the linchpin of course development. In order to teach our students in-demand, industry-relevant skills, Curriculum Managers pair with instructors to build courses together. As a Curriculum Manager, you will translate our instructors' domain expertise into effective learning experiences that teach students real-world skills. You'll advocate for our students and for instructional quality through every step of course development, analyze student feedback to continue improving our content, and experiment with ways to improve the instructor and student experiences. RESPONSIBILITY - Collaborate with instructors to design effective learning experiences, managing and supporting them through the course development process - Onboard new instructors to the course development process, and introduce them to our tools and pedagogical best practices - Be the first student during course development - Ensure course materials meet our quality standards and align with style guidelines - Analyze feedback and performance data from user testing and prioritize revisions to improve the content effectiveness and drive student outcomes - Assist course instructors with importing videos, text, exercises, and projects to our library - "Train the trainer" - assess instructor skills and teach instructors to become better teachers - Lead initiatives and experiments to improve the instructor experience

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