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Data engineer (Senior Manager)

Enginering Computer Science Big Data Management


100,000,000 VNĐ /Candidate
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Hà Nội
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2 persons

Job Overview And Responsibility

A. Data Architecture - Deliver functionality required for business and data analysts, data scientists, and other business roles to advance the overall analytic performance and strategy of the bank - Build the best practices and strategies for data infrastructure to fulfill data analytic and utilization needs of the business with emerging latest technologies and capabilities. - Guide the team or teams in identifying opportunities to manage data and provide solutions for complex data feeds within the bank. - Evaluate various data architectures in the bank and utilize them to develop data solutions to meet business requirements. - Drive the delivery of data products and services into systems and business processes in compliance with internal regulatory requirements. Oversee the review of internal and external business and product requirements for data operations and activity and suggests changes and upgrades to systems and storage to accommodate ongoing needs. B. Data Integration - Strategically obtain and integrate data and information from various sources into the firm’s platforms, solutions, and statistical models. - Lead a discussion with Data Scientists to understand the data requirements and create re-usable data assets to enable data scientists to build and deploy machine learning models faster. - Design, build and maintain optimized data pipelines and ETL solutions as business support tools in providing analysis and real-time analytics platform for critical decision making. Ensure data assets are organized and stored in an efficient way so that information is high quality, reliable, flexible, and efficient. C. Project Management - Manage project conflicts, challenges and dynamic business requirements to keep operations running at high performance. - Work with team leads to resolve people problems and project roadblocks, conduct post mortem and root cause analyses to improve practices for maximum productivity.

Required Skills and Experience

- Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Technology - 12 to 15 years of relevant experience with developing, debugging, scripting and employing big data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Kafka, Arrow, Tableau), database technologies (e.g. SQL, NoSQL, Graph databases), and programming languages (e.g. Python, R, Scala, Java, Rust, Kotlin) with preference towards functional/trait oriented, including 5+ years of equivalent managerial roles - Good English communication (because working directly with Department Head who is a foreigner) - Deep experience in designing and building dimensional data models, ETL processes, applied data warehouse concepts and methodologies, optimized data pipelines and wore the architect hat in the past or worked with one extensively - Deep experience with monitoring complex system and solving data and systems issues having a consistent and algorithmic approach to resolving them

Why Candidate should apply this position

We always strive to attract, develop, engage and retain employees with our best. We believe "people" is the most valuable resource so that we provide all eligible team members with a comprehensive set of benefits designed to protect their physical and financial health. It includes but not limited to: - Health Plans; - Financial wellness; - Paid time off; - Flexible schedule; - Engagement activities; - Modern facilities You will grow with Techcombank by having the opportunity to learn from top experts from across the world. Techcombank provides a rewarding remuneration structure that commensurates with your achievement and contribution; Techcombank is the Top 2 Best place to work in the banking industry where you can experience various exciting activities throughout the year: - Company anniversary, - Team building, - Active Saturday Off, - Year-End Party, etc.

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