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Engineering Manager (Closed)

Enginering RESTful API Git Android TypeScript AWS ReactJS React Native iOS Development

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Ho Chi Minh
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Job Overview And Responsibility

- To preside engineering and solution architecture teams to create robust and reliable software and site solutions; - To lead a highly skilled team to transform front-end and back-end architecture into a platform that can support a suite of applications and services, including reviews of full-stack code using modern frameworks; - To build, scale and manage integration platforms and APIs; evolving monolithic systems into modern micro-service architecture; - To lead the effort to build the right resource plan comprised of a mix of team members, contract, and offshore labor to drive effectiveness and efficiency; - To recruit, build, and manage front end and back end teams, both internally and externally; - To enact a strategic plan for developing and empowering team members with processes that result in improvements to code quality, security, efficiency, velocity, and systems, and engineering processes; - To set and capture metrics that measure the success of the engineering teams and products, including application architecture design, code reviews, release responsibilities, and production support; - To provide market updates of modern platform architecture and emerging technologies; - To comply with the work schedule established by the Employer; - To adhere to all the Employer’s policies, regulations and procedures; - The job position will also include all duties and responsibilities within the ordinary scope of the Employee’s position; - Other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the Employee, which are deemed necessary by the Employer without extra remuneration.

Required Skills and Experience

- Proficiency in leading and managing tech team. - Capability of recruiting and build up tech team. Experienced with Front-end: - Experience with React, React Native and the Javascript ecosystem. - Experience with iOS and Android development. - Experience with automated testing, jest. - Able to implement code optimization and evaluate performance improvements. - Design testable and efficient code. - Strong Typescript. - Solid React Native experience. - Strong JavaScript ES6, vanilla JS, concepts, core. - Strong REST API development experience. - Strong Github skills. - Scrum agile experienced. - Rock solid at working with third-party react native libraries. - Familiarity with native build tools, like XCode, Gradle and Android Studio. Experienced with Back-end: - Experience in developing automated unit and functional tests using Jest & Cypress. - Experience in agile development process. - Solid knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design patterns. - Maintain clean, readable and high-quality codes that scales and performs well. - At least 8 years’ experience in software design - Highly Proficient in JavaScript (NodeJS). - Familiarity with Git version control. - Experience with AWS Services. - Experience with Typescript. Our technical stack: - React & React Native - Redux - Redux Standard API-calling Action - Reselect - Normalizr - React Navigation

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