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FX Animator

Designer English Design Animation Photoshop UNITY


14,000,000 VNĐ /ứng viên
Icon star 350,000 VNĐ /interview
Icon company Company


Icon salary Salary
850 $ to Negotiable
Icon Location Location
Ho Chi Minh
Icon Vacancies Vacancies
1 persons

Job Overview And Responsibility

Artistic and Technical Responsibilities - Provide artistic solutions and explore new styles. - Animate elements based on verbal and written direction. - Provide production quality assets including; UI motion graphics, 2D animations, FX and others required - Participate in brainstorming sessions for game ideas and artistic styles. - Ensure that the high quality bar established by the 2D Animation Lead, Studio Lead Artist, and Producers are reached and maintained. - Provide technical support and problem solving whenever required. - Consistently play builds and give constructive feedback. ​​ ​​​​ Contribution in Animation Team - Work closely with the 2D Animation Expert and Studio Lead Artist - Have Competent organizational skills. - Contribute to an Efficient working environment for the team - Foresee future mistakes and prevent them from happening. - Produce, check and update FX Animation documentation ​​ ​ ​​​​ Reporting: Report your tasks status​ to your lead and producers on a daily basis

Required Skills and Experience

- Academic background in Animation or equivalent. - Advanced ​skill with Adobe Photoshop. - Advanced ​skill with Adobe Animate CC and/or Timeline based animation. - Advanced ​skill with Unity Animation Systems and the Shuriken Particle System. - Proficient ​skill ​with the use of Unity Shader Graph and/or Shader Coding in general. - More than 3 Years of expertise in the field. Skills: - Proficient​ understating of style guidelines, design process and creative workflow. - Proficient ​understanding of Visual Feedback and Effects animation. - Proficient ​understanding of Sprite creation. - Proficient ​ technical skills - Proficient ​knowledge for sense of color, design, perspective and composition. - Proficient at research and development skill. - Proficient ​English communication skill. - Competent ​level in drawing and illustration skills (relief, lighting, materials, perspective, colors...). - Be original, inventive, creative and artistic. - Be patient and able to concentrate for long periods, pay attention to detail. - Be observant and understand how people and animals move and express emotions, - Be observant and understand how both objects and elements move in the real world. - Work well as part of a team and be able to take direction from the lead artist, and producers. - Be able to follow a brief and work on their own initiative. - Take criticism well. - Work well under pressure and to strict deadlines

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