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Game Designer

Designer Designer Mobile Game Development


40,000,000 VNĐ /Candidate
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Ho Chi Minh
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Job Overview And Responsibility

Economy balance lies at the heart of every free-to-play game. There will be dozens of values to tweak that can change the player’s perception of the utility and profitability of a system. The actions we expect you to take will directly affect the rate at which our players and investors will engage with our NFT distribution systems and content. You will learn our systems inside and out and be able to manage the flow of currency to increase profitability. As Economy Designer you will be pivotal for meeting the product goals for Sipher. We expect you to be responsible for all aspects referenced below and to report to the Game Product Lead. This is an opportunity for any designer to interact with a new and cutting-edge company that is paving the way for blockchain-based gaming to become mainstream. You should have a passion for paving the way for crypto-based gaming economies and have experience with the traditional free-to-play gaming economies we’re looking to free players from. - Work with a highly experienced team on one of the world’s first blockchain MOBA and ARPG - Solve never before solved game design challenges as we work together to create a truly groundbreaking gaming experience - Take a pre-existing high-level game economy design and improve it with monetization strategies and details to pre-existing features - Collaborate with the design team and developers to successfully implement and tune economic and monetization content into the product - Manage the economy and pricing of all content within the game with in-depth macroeconomic models - Manage the balance between player-generated vs developer generated content while keeping positive progression and play-and-earn philosophy at the core of your design

Required Skills and Experience

- 3+ years of experience with economy design or mobile game monetization - Proficient in analytical thinking and problem solving - Strong quantitative skills (e.g. the skill set to translate the design into numbers) - Expertise in Excel or Sheets - Familiarity analyzing and interpreting player data - An entry-level understanding of the blockchain - An interest in Play-to-Earn game design - Strong understanding of the Free-to-Play market and MOBA

Why Candidate should apply this position

We are a super small team. We are young. We aim to create a culture where we grow as a team, let the best ideas win, and work hard to achieve our goals. Embrace creativity and problem solving, we aim to create incredible outcomes. - You will be involving in developing a brand-new product from scratch alongside a talented team - You are trusted with huge responsibilities from Day 1. Be the owner of your own learning curve. The possibilities are limitless and depending on you - You will work directly with the founding team with rich experience in startups and finance / fund raising - We offer an exciting opportunity to work in the cutting-edge field of Blockchain Game - You get to work in a very dynamic environment

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