Offer Salary: 1,100 - 1,500 $
Working Location: Ho Chi Minh
Levels: Middle
Number of vacancies: 1 vacancies

Job Overview and Responsibility

Reporting to the Product Owner, you will be the key person for the development of the solution. Your expertise will be at the service of the team to ensure the best choice in technology. You will ensure that the development environment has the best resources and provides the best guarantees for the success of the project. You will be responsible for the quality of the development and its compliance with the specifications and architecture decided by the project team. As a junior/middle developer, your main duties depend on the project phase and will fall broadly into the following categories: • Work with Product Owner and development team to provide optimal IT solutions for business problems. • Participate in our entire product lifecycle, implement server-side logic and data structure following Technical Design document. • Perform designing, implementing, writing unit test. • Write clean code to build reusable code and libraries for future use • Troubleshoot and debug applications • Responsible for development, enhancement and maintenance of the application. As a contributor, you will: • Consult and listen to internal staff for feedback, understand requirements and develop appropriate solutions • Remove all technological obstacles from business operations • Conduct respectful and friendly communication with other contributors

Required Skills and Experience

Must have : o 3 – 5 years of experience in developing integrated business systems o Experience or strong at OOP, on-hands experience of best practices, design patterns and SOLID principles o Highly experienced with at least one backend programming language (.Net is preferred). o Can work on both back end and front end efficiently o Experience in developing web application to run on multiple devices o Experience in developing web api and microservices o Highly experience with MVC, ORM o Experience in database: designing, optimizing Common : - A logical approach to problem-solving together with a methodical, investigative and inquisitive mind - Self-starter and fast learning, good teamwork and reliable - Appetite for startup environment (130 employees disseminated in Asia and Africa, 5 to 20 teammates per country): autonomous, proactive, can-do mindset, capacity to work with teams across different offices and from different cultures - Ability to communicate in English

Why Candidate should apply this positon

- Attractive salary ($1100 - $1500) - 13th salary - Good yearly performance bonus - 15 days off / year, team building once / 2months - Premium healthcare - Innovative, creative, and supportive environment. - Interesting projects, you will be the ones who join the project at the beginning. - Using and improving English daily. - We are the friendly and flat hierarchy. Your ideas are always welcomed and considered. - Flexible and self-managed. The main point is communication, interaction and delivery result. - Free coffee, tea every day.

Prefer if candidate have

- Experience in o Database: ▪ SQL server, MySQL, PostgresSQL ▪ No SQL: MongoDB ▪ CosmosDB, CoachBase o Mobile development and Mobile Notification Services o Cloud: Azure, AWS o Memory cache o Real time interaction system o Synchronous / Asynchronous - Knowledge and understanding of Healthcare ecosystem and pharmaceutical organization - First-hand experience and basic understanding of data science methods - French language will be a plus

Reporting to

Product Owner

Interviewing Process

Hiring Manager Interview

Notice for referer

- Working location: Tôn Thất Đạm, District 1, Ho Chi Minh - Working days: Monday - Friday About Sanisphere Sanisphere provides Information Solutions, Consulting and Market Research services to the pharmaceutical industry in emerging markets. Since 2005, Sanisphere serves all major international pharmaceutical companies across Africa and Asia. POP (Pharmacies Observation Post) is Sanisphere’s main service. POP is available in 18 countries in Asia and Africa: Algeria, Cambodia, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam Q&A ----- 1. Phỏng vấn bao nhiêu vòng? Mỗi vòng có nội dung như thế nào? Để đỡ mất thời gian cho ứng viên, chỉ phỏng vấn 1 vòng. Thời gian từ 30p – 120p. Nội dung gồm 2 phần: skills (overview, tính cách, khả năng giải quyết vấn đề, thái độ, …) + technical 2. Có thể phỏng vấn online không? Hiện tại ko open pv online 3. Vị trí này có open tuyển expat không? Công ty đã có 1 TA và vừa có them 2 senior, nên hiện chỉ open cho junior và middle dev thôi. 4. Nếu ứng viên có khả năng đọc-hiểu tiếng anh tốt nhưng không tự tin giao tiếp thì có phù hợp không? Ở vị trí junior thì có thể phù hợp, những với middle thì tùy vào khả năng của bạn. 5. Giờ làm việc như thế nào? 8g30 sáng – 5g30 chiều, flexible 9g sáng – 6g chiều 6. Lương tháng 13 bên mình có đóng full lương không? Tất cả lương thưởng đều đóng full theo quy định nhà nước Thuế: full lương Các loại bảo hiểm: - Vượt maximum của nhà nước quy định thì đóng maximum của nhà nước. vd như bảo hiểm xã hội chỉ được đóng dựa trên max là 20*mức lương cơ bản - Dưới maximum quy định của nhà nước: full lương - Cty có offer bảo hiểm 300$/năm để nhân viên tự mua nhen. .Phân này sẽ được tính riêng, ko gộp chung với lương

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