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Product Manager (Healthcare platfoms)


Developer Product Manager

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Job Overview And Responsibility

The product is your spirit child, you are responsible to - Understand problem, discover opportunities - Define, validate, and refine opportunities - Facilitate solutions discovery - Ship the product and iterate - Building user empathy, discover and define opportunities to advance toward the company's vision We believe in the user-centric design thinking process, and lean. We believe the only way to make an impact is to fully understand end-user needs, pioneer, and validate users' expectations via "whatever-it-takes" user experience researches. Through the process, we learn, we try, and we learn from our mistakes to deliver the product that people love. The product manager must be comfortable and flexible in applying user experience techniques to make sure that we are building the right thing. Some of the workshops we run frequently and we expect our product managers to be able to run and advance - Service Blueprint - User Journey - User Story Mapping - Empathy Map - Personas/Jobs-to-be-done - A/B testing - Collecting feedback prototyping - Flow chart - Qualitative and quanitative research - Sky is the limit, we don't limit or restrict ourself to those plays We will not just "feel" if the opportunity is actually making an impact, the Product Manager will be a workout on the meaningful metrics to measure the success of the initiative and to make a decision if it is worth further investment. Spread the enthusiam, build up team's product mindset The product development is a hard-work; you have to figure out the best way to do with the team, and you have to figure out how to do the right thing. It's absolutely a state-of-art teamwork. We are a strong believer in the team's ownership. We do believe we can only go fast and far only if we empower the team to do the thing. A part of that is how to advance the team toward the product's ownership. The Product Manager to join work with the Design Manager and Engineering manager to equip team members with the necessary product mindset via workshops and sharing sessions. These activities are expected but not limited to: - User story mapping - build knowledge together - Event storming - build knowledge together - Retrospective - continuous learning and refining - Be the collaborator, be the host, be the problem's advocate The product development is more complicated than defining a feature and build it. The role of a Product Manager is to make sure communication channels are streamlined, both to the team and to stakeholders. We see our Product Manager to comfortably connect with Business development teams, sales, marketing, customer supports, legal, press, and other stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to make sure the Life Cycle of the product is well aware and spread across the organization. We don't expect you to be the proxy, the messenger where you interpret and re-transfer the message to the team; We expect you to be the one to facilitate the channels, making sure they are loud enough to get the team involves in the process; We also expect you to filter those channels and focus the team on things that matter so they will not find overwhelmed and interrupted.

Required Skills and Experience

- Hands-on experience (at least 4+ years) in Product Management. - Real-life experience hosting, facilitating user experience workshops. - Experience in delivering fast-moving product. - Experience with Project managing OR Development OR Design is a plus (we are fully aware that a Project Manager is NOT a Product Manager). - Comfortable with expressing idea in diagrams. - Language: German(a must), English (secondary). - Strong analytical skills - Experience with Start-up environment, where processes are not well-defined and you will wear multiple hats to get the job done. - Only Vietnamese.

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Competitive salary. We pay what you deserve, not what the paper says 13th month bonus - Free Grab to work at a beautiful office in D1 with free in-office snack, coffee, Apple laptop, extra monitor etc... - 20 days off annually + 10 national holidays - Chrismas leave (25 Dec) + Vietnamese Family Day (28 Jun) + Birthday leave - Premium Private health insurance package - Flexible working hours. Don't let 9 to 5 limit you. You want to go to Coffee House to work, fine. Want to stay home to fix exploded oven, totally cool. - Cutting-edge technology, microservice, microfrontend, containerize etc, you name it - Big chance to grow as a person, we'll move fast, you'll soon realize that you have to make a lot of decisions on your own - Even bigger chance to grow as an engineer, we all open to try and apply new technology; if it doesn't work, well, we have learned

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