Offer Salary: 1,000 - 2,500 $
Working Location: Ho Chi Minh
Levels: Senior
Number of vacancies: 1 vacancies

Job Overview and Responsibility

Responsible for the product plan & build one of the key payment scenario of ZaloPay: MONEY TRANSFER PEER-2-PEER (P2P), including: - Conducting market, competitors & user research, to get deep insight on market & user behaviors of money transfer. - Responsible for full product development tasks such as analyzing, conceptualizing, prototyping, spec writing. - Responsible for interfacing with Technical & QC team in the company to break down business requirements to smaller deliverable. - Work closely with BI team to formulate strategic insights and propose action plan to achieve business objectives.

Required Skills and Experience

- At least 2-year experience in product development. Background in Banking or E-Wallet is a MUST. - Ability to think critically, analyze and solve problems with a strong attention to detail. - Able to understand and represent business and user needs, distilling insights to set strong road map that meet short and long term needs. - Excellent organizational and communication skills. - Experience working directly with software engineers and other team.

Why Candidate should apply this positon

- Be responsible for the key payment scenario of ZaloPay (Money transferring) from featuring to operation. Embracing BIG challenges of making ZaloPay changes the payment behavior of Vietnamese people. - You have freedom to discuss, speak up your voice with Product team in order to build up the Excellent Money transferring P2P feature for user experience. - Opportunity to work with and get knowledge from other components of Product development process (e.g. Core backend, Frontend, QC, Marketing, BI,…) 3 reasons why you will love VNG: - Great salary and benefit package - Young and innovative working environment - Work with large system

Reporting to


Interviewing Process

Line Manager Interview, Assignment, Department Head Interview

Notice for referer

Lưu ý: Nếu ứng viên có kinh nghiệm product chủ yếu thiên về BA và product coor thì không phù hợp với job này. - Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM - 5:30PM, lunch time from 12PM - 1PM - Leave days: 14 days/year - Insurance according to Vietnam laws - Only hire Vietnamese candidates - Working location: 182 Lê Đại Hành, Phường 15, Quận 11, TP.HCM, Việt Nam. Make the Internet change Vietnamese lives --- VNG believes in the power of the Internet and sees it as its mission to bring Internet users meaningful experiences. Each day, millions of young Vietnamese entertain, network and make friends, shop online or engage in social activities through VNG products, which are the ways VNG creates value for the society. We hope VNG is a place where you build your career. Whether you want to pursue to be a manager or focus on professional development, we acknowledge and appreciate your talents. Therefore, we open up to you more promotion opportunities in VNG, and designed program to help you succeed in every single career path. NO SUIT, NO TIE: At VNG, we do not have many rules because we respect you and want to make comfortable atmosphere to help employees perform their jobs well. Company “pay” for you: Lunch, parking, swimming, learning English or gym for free and you know you are really in care. NO BARRIERS: Office of VNG is an open space because we always try to remove all barriers to help members easily shares with each other. Being a big family: Like a gift for family day. A party for the kids. We know how much your family matters. NO RANK At VNG, members are encouraged to contribute ideas and debate with the others. Be explored: Ph.D., un-academic guy, bookish girl, fashion designers ... VNGers are different and this diversity makes life more colorful. NO "OFFICE": Office is like your home. You can hang paintings, plant trees, even feed aquarium on the desk. Be showed your best: VNGers like to "mortification" with the group games such as: Fansipan climbing, waterfall rafting, go over heat mats; there activities not only are tightening friendship, but also practice their bravery. GAMING: Even if you do not make the game, stealing beans in the boss’s garden or versusing with your colleagues in a sword competition play online is also an interesting way to relax. Changing the world: Creating an entertainment channel, building a social network and developing a game. On the Internet world, every single thing you did can change the lives of many people. Let’s join VNG to share our mission: 'MAKE THE INTERNET CHANGE VIETNAMESE LIVES' Our tech stacks Java Android iOS Mobile Apps C++ QA QC

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