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Property Insurance General Manager


General management Manager Management

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Job Overview And Responsibility

- Responsible for the overall management from the perspective of the general manager, including underwriting, claim settlement, sales, finance and other aspects; - Represent the board of directors and supervise the daily work. Regularly report work to the board of directors or its designated members; - Responsible for improving the operating efficiency and profitability. Analyze, interpret, judge and form new plans and strategies based on the current situation of the company; - Optimize the company's organizational structure, business orientation, personnel assessment, system configuration, internal control process, etc.; - Coordinate other companies/business sectors in the group (including life insurance) to implement integrated strategic deployment; - Promote and realize the underwriting and claim settlement of government/large group enterprise commercial property insurance projects; - Complete other tasks assigned by the group leader.

Required Skills and Experience

- Does NOT accept Cambodian candidates due to protection of business secrets. - Fluent in English and Chinese (verbal and written) as a working language. (Chinese is the mother tongue) - The nationality of candidates is required to be from Southeast Asia, including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. - Must have at least 5+ years working experience in General Manager position in a Property Insurance company. - Bachelor degree or above, major in insurance/statistics - Professional certification of actuarial science in China, Britain and the United States (either)

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