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Senior Associate in Cyber Malware analysis (Closed)

Event monitoring Debugging Security Incident analysis

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Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi
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1 persons

Job Overview And Responsibility

We are seeking candidates to join our IT/Cyber Risk unit as a Senior Associate in our Ho Chi Minh City office. The candidates will perform malware analysis services for our clients.  Dynamic and Static Analysis of Malware Samples in Controlled Environment (Sandbox tool: Threatgrid, FireEye etc)  Reverse engineering (IDA Pro, debugger, etc...)  Ability to reverse engineer binaries of various types including: x86, x64, C, C++, .NET, and Delphi.  Review, Research and test new attacker techniques, detection and remediation.  Investigate and track cyber adversaries through Threat Intelligence.  Capable of Python scripting to automate analysis and reverse engineering tasks  Ability to analyze shellcode; packed and obfuscated code and the associated algorithms

Required Skills and Experience

Senior Associate proactively analyses security incidents related to malware and suspicious binaries to reduce the impact of security incidents and compromises. Also responsible for raising incident tickets and ensure timely escalation of incidents and reporting status of incident closures periodically. Required to work in shifts in an 24×7 environment, job requires extensive experience in event monitoring, incident analysis and use of tools like debugger and reverse proxy. - B.E in computer science or equivalent. - 2+ years of experience in malware analysis. - Hands on experience in handling Sandboxing, PE Studio, debuggers, and dissemblers. - Strong understanding of operating system and computer networking concepts. - Security operations experience such as incident management, intrusion detection, and security event analysis. - Self-motivation, excellent teamwork, commitment and confidence. We are looking for people who are able to rise to the challenges of participating in intensive training and managing work responsibilities and client relationships.

Các vị trí đề xuất


850 - 1,300 $ | Ha Noi

Thưởng 14,000,000 VNĐ/ứng viên

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1,000 $ to Negotiable | Ha Noi

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