Offer Salary: 800 $ to Negotiable
Working Location: Ho Chi Minh
Levels: Senior
Number of vacancies: 1 vacancies

Job Overview and Responsibility

This position requires analytical and agronomical skills in driving the business by providing adequate and timely support to commercial / trading team in coordination with field / agronomist team. You will be responsible for building BS (Balance Sheet) based on Supply, Demand and Stock analyses. Today data is obtained both in house as from third parties, but the company wants to have more in house and consistency of data and its analyses. *Responsibilities in Agronomical Research - Implementation of agreed Research Methodology for coffee crop estimation. - Contribution to the development of the research methodology and strategy. Continuous review of the methodology being applied in view of observations made during crop tours. - Plan, participate and travel extensively across provinces or to other countries for carrying out surveys with farmers, stock holders, Government offices to collect primary and secondary data, soil and plant samples, knowledge enhancement and for any other requirements as and when required by the Company. - Surveys: • Crop surveys: 4 times a year in January, March/April, June/July and September/October in Vietnam, 1 in Indonesia and 1 in India. To be carried out by ensuring a) high quality farmer interviews and b) visual yield estimation. Also, need based telephonic and mini surveys to be carried out. • Stock surveys: Telephonic surveys to be done during the last week of every month. Physical verification of stocks by visiting the stock holders to be carried out 3 times a year during February/March, April/May and September and as per the requirement. - During such surveys, diligently collect high quality information from the sources and evaluate the accuracy of all the data that will enable accurate crop estimation. - Be updated on the happenings and changes in weather, crop development (weather impact, sudden spurt pests and diseases, impact of input costs, price impact on crop, etc.), market situations, market rumors etc. *Responsibilities in Analytical part - Coordinating the coffee R&A desk in HCMC with as focus the global coffee market: production, consumption, trade flows, stocks, market trends etc. - Lead the collecting, compiling, storing, analyzing, comparing of coffee market data within Sucden Coffee. - Responsible for R&A communication, a.o. monthly global supply & demand, stocks & inventories updates, crop forecasts, weather developments, etc. - Close collaboration with Sucden's global network: commercial desks, geographical teams, representatives, customers etc. - Participating actively in statistics and trade meetings, i.e. contributing to the teams thought process and decision making. - Execution of special / specific research projects - Periodical evaluation of the quality of data providers and explore alternatives - Support the development of (coffee) data systems and architecture, developing SQL system fed with (coffee) supply & demand, trade stats and market data. - Contributing to Sucden publications, client presentations, speeches at seminars etc. - Some short and medium terms desk objectives: - Building up a solid in-house database on (green) coffee, approaching or even exceeding the quality supplied by TRS or CCS - Create a uniform approach to crop forecasting across all our origins in terms of methodology - In house forecasting of trends, coffee flows, market developments etc that help shaping our strategy, plans etc for Amsterdam/New York

Required Skills and Experience

*Qualifications - Preferably Vietnamese, but fluent in English - Analyst background - Willing to travel upcountry and abroad extensively *Education & Experience - University (degree) - Min 5 years working as Analyst - Experience in agronomy and farmer areas *Personal skills - Global understanding and mindset - Highly quantitatively and analytically motivated and astute - Strong organizational skills in structure - Independent and able to work and deliver on your own - Impeccable sense of Ethics

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Salary: Competitive - Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to Labor Laws - Opportunities to be trained in the professional environment to maximize your potential

Reporting to

Team Lead

Interviewing Process

1-2 rounds (Experience, skill set, personality)


- Nedcoffee Vietnam - Work Location: 45 Võ Thị Sáu, Q.1, HCM About us Sucden is a French-based commodity broker of soft commodities and other financial products headquartered in Paris, with over 5000 employees worldwide. It started as a sugar broker where it is amongst the world leaders with a market share of around 15% in volume in as of 2016, or 9.5 million tonnes. Through our subsidiary companies, Coffee America and Nedcoffee, we commercialize both Arabica and Robusta qualities to support worldwide clients ranging from multinational food and beverage chains to soluble coffee retailers and specialty coffee roasters. We trade around 250.000 Mt annually. Nedcoffee is a major coffee trader with a good mix of experienced and young staff members. Our Headquarters are located in the historical centre of Amsterdam, from which we trade and control all the green coffee from our sourcing companies in Africa, Asia, and South America. This unique structure allows our sister companies in origin to fully focus on sourcing, processing and shipping the coffee for Nedcoffee. Worldwide, more than 350 people are employed by Nedcoffee and its sourcing companies.