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Senior Software Engineer (Only local in Singapore)

C# C++


50.000.000 VNĐ /Candidate
Icon star 350.000 VNĐ /interview
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Icon salary Salary
3.300 - 4.800 $
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Icon Vacancies Vacancies
2 persons

Job Overview And Responsibility

- Developing and expanding the whole stack of product software suite (across application, middleware and kernel driver layers) - Analyzing user requirements and converting them into design documents - Developing high-quality software design and architecture - Producing clean reusable code, testing, debugging, and documenting your changes - Code review and design validation - Working independently with various teams across different regions

Required Skills and Experience

- Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in programming/engineering related field - 4+ years of experience as a developer - C++ / C# (strong in at least one) - Debugging/troubleshooting experience - Able to work independently and multi-task effectively - Curious, open to new ideas and quick to learn new skills - Mature and thoughtful, with the ability to operate in a collaborative, team-oriented culture - Strong passion in programming and motivated by the transformational effects of technology-at-scale

Why Candidate should apply this position

- Salary range: 4500 - 6500 SGD - Start with 18 days annual leave days, 20 days after 3 years, 23 days after 5 years - Performance review once a year - Provided with Windows work laptop & a desktop PC for test/debug - Group Hospitalization insurance & Personal Accident insurance - Flexible working arrangement (FWA) scheme for several years, emphasis work - life balance.

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